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  • Detail Close-up - Seaboard Air Line Passenger GP7


    Photos - Warren Calloway
    Prototype Modeler - August-September Page 34 width= Prototype Modeler - August-September Page 35 width=

       The Seaboard Air Line operated eight passenger-equipped GP7's, Nos. 1704-1711. The Pullman Green-and-yellow Geeps were built in 1950, each carrying 800 gallons of fuel and 800 gallons of water. All lacked dynamic brakes and the roof-top air reservoirs found on passenger-equipped GP's of other railroads. What may be unique among GP7's is the "fairing" atop the leading edge of the cab roof.

       Modelers can begin with the Athearn GP9 (really a GP7) by removing the dynamic brake blister and winterization hatch. A new rear roof panel should be fabricated (use .010" sheet styrene) and new radiator fans installed. Cutting away some of the skirting above the fuel tank will enhance the appearance of your locomotive, although the prototype locomotives were delivered with fuel tank skirting as provided with the Athearn model.

       The addition of commercially available detail parts will further assist in setting your model apart from those of the out-of-the-box variety. The Bill of Materials lists many readily available detail parts; where competing parts are offered by more than one producer, all are listed. Although the photos don't show the "back porch" to its best advantage, two m.u. stands and a drop step, along with the full complement of detail items found on the front pilot, are fitted there too.

       To paint the model, use Pullman Green as the basic color and a mixture of three parts Reefer Yellow with one part Reefer White for the light yellow band. Finish with Microscale decal set No. 104. Send us pictures of your model when completed!


      Key No. Part No. Manufacturer Description Key No. Part No. Manufacturer Description
      1 2801 Detail Associates Brake cylinders 16 2304 Detail Associates Wind deflectors
      1 39002 Precision Scale Co. Brass brake cylinders 17 173 Details West Blat-type air horn
      1 39003 Precision Scale Co. Plastic brake cylinders 18 142 Details West 36" fans
      2 2205 Detail Associates Brass handrail 18 3989 Precision Scale Co. Brass 36" fan
      3 2205 Detail Associates Coupler lift bar 18 3990 Precision Scale Co. Plastic 36" fan
      4 1401 Detail Associates Early EMD drop step 19 149 Details West Fuel filler
      5 1502 Detail Associates Early EMD m.u. stand 20 172 Details West Running lights
      6 1004 Detail Associates Early Pyle headlight 20 39071 Precision Scale Co. Brass running lights
      6 114 Details West Early Pyle headlight 20 39072 Precision Scale Co. Plastic running lights
      7 6204 Detail Associates Etched brass roofwalk 21 118 Details West Steam generator set
      8 2206 Detail Associates Eyebolts 22 151   EMD type-B truck kit
      9 2402 Detail Associates GP exhaust stack 23 3997 Precision Scale Co. Brass door handle
      10 1017 Detail Associates GP7 class lights 23 3998 Precision Scale Co. Plastic door handle
      11 3002 Detail Associates GP7 sandfiller hatch 24 3995 Precision Scale Co. Brass EMD cab door
      12 2201 Detail Associates Grabs 24 3996 Precision Scale Co. Plastic cab door
      13 2804 Detail Associates Hyatt truck journal 25 39065 Precision Scale Co. Brass GP7 hand rail stanchion
      14 1508 Detail Associates M.u. hoses 26 3967 Precision Scale Co. Brass windshield wipers
      14 39058 Precision Scale Co. Brass m .u. hoses w/brackets 26 3968 Precision Scale Co. Plastic windshield wipers
      14 39059 Precision Scale Co. Plastic m.u. hoses w /brackets 27 48195 Precision Scale Co. Pipe elbow
      14 8007 Warren's Custom Services M.u. hoses w/b rackets 27 48196 Precision Scale Co. "T" pipe
      15 7103 Detail Associates Rerail frog 28 8000 Warren's Custom Services Diesel coupler pocket
              29 61 Utah Pacific Speed recorder drive

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    • Source Prototype Modeler
    • Publication Date August-September 1985

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  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones Seaboard also had s/g equipped GP-7s #1745-1769. While the earlier units had the smoke-lifting fairings along the cab edge, the later units did not. Don't think these units were commonly used on pssenger trains but they did on #25/26, the "Boll Wee...  more
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