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  • Oneida & Western Unit Coal Train


    An operation which can be adapted to any model railroad

    On Aug. 8, 1985, Warren Calloway caught the Oneida & Western unit coal train at Charleston, S.C. O&W SD40-2 No. 9951 was in charge, leading three other mint green units and 70 bathtub coal hoppers. The coal in this train was brought to South Carolina from mines in Kentucky
    Prototype Modeler - December 1985 Page 7 width=

       One of the most colorful trains found on U.S. rails today has to be Shamrock Coal's Oneida & Western unit coal trains presently operated by the Seaboard System. These trains usually consist of three or four SD40-2's, 70 bathtub gondolas and a caboose. They make two or three trips a week from Corbin, Ky., to several power plants in South Carolina.

       The eight O&W SD40-2's (Nos. 9950-9957) are painted in a stylish two-tone scheme of light and dark green. All were built to SBD (L&N) specifications for operation by Seaboard System crews. Behind the SD's are 70 similarly painted bathtub hoppers. On the rear will be the O&W's own caboose (a replica of Union Pacific's CA-ll style caboose) or any SBD predecessor line's caboose - SCL, L&N or CRR.

       Shamrock Coal loads the cars at Manchester, Ky., where an SBD mine run will haul them to Corbin for assembly into the 70-car unit trains. The "mint green" SD40-2's are added and the train departs for South Carolina Electric power plants near Charleston and Wateree.

       Operating the 0&W coal train on other lines can be easily justified for modelers. Your local electric utility could have contracted with Shamrock Coal to supply coal for a power plant in your road's area. This would then bring Shamrock's O&W unit trains to your pike. Although the prototype is running only on the Seaboard, you can exercise modeler's license and have O&W trains operate on your own system.

    Above: Seaboard System presently operates the O&W unit coal trains, run from Kentucky to South Carolina. The green Shamrock Coal SD40-2's are in Oneida & Western paint and were built to SBD standards by EMD.

    Below: O&W caboose No. 9999 is essentially a Union Pacific CA-11 car in green paint. SBD or predecessor cabooses are also used on the trains.
    Prototype Modeler - December 1985 Page 8 width=

    Here are two views of the 50-foot OWTX hoppers. The cars are numbered 99000-99100 and represent state-of-the-art coal-hauling technology.
    Prototype Modeler - December 1985 Page 9 width=
    Oneida & Western unit coal train

    Locomotives: Athearn No. 4400 EMD SD40-2 undecorated; Athearn No. 4450 EMD SD40-2 dummy undecorated.

    Hoppers: Model Die Casting No. 1660 hopper undecorated.  The O&W cars carry OWTX reporting marks, and are numbered in t he 99000 and 99100 series.

    Cabooses: The trains operate with a variety of cabooses, so almost any SBD predecessor caboose will do. O&W has its own CA-11 style caboose (No. 9999) which is available in brass, or it can be kitbashed from Athearn's bay-window car. If you operate one of these trains on your own pike, tack one of your own crummies to the rear of the train. The prototype options: For an L&N bay-window caboose, kitbash the Athearn bay-window car; for t he SCL and Family Lines wide-vision style, use the Athearn wide-vision model as a basis; and for a CRR wide-vision caboose, the Athearn model also works.

    Decals: O&W SD40-2, Herald King No. L1890; O&W hoppers, Herald King No. G1890; O&W caboose, Herald King No. C-1890; L&N caboose, Herald King No. C-280; SCL caboose, Herald King No. C-381 or Walthers No. 206-06; SCL (Family Lines) caboose, Herald King No. C-611; CRR caboose, Herald King No. C-1250.

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