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  • More Rock Rock Island Cabooses

    Rock Island Caboose No. 19081 at North Enid, Oklahoma, April 9, 1977. This would make an interesting model. Norm Metcalf photo

    Rock Island Caboose No. 19162 at Cline, Kansas, April 9, 1977. This would make an interesting addition to any larger pike. Norm Metcalf photo.
    Prototype Modeler - April 1978 - Page 15 width=

    by Norm Metcalf

       With regard to the article on Rock Island Cabooses in the February issue of Prototype Modeler for 1978, the two photographs show two more of these cars on the Rock Island roster. They are cabooses 19081 and 19162. Both these cars were in service up until a year ago that I am aware of; I took the photos on April 9th of last year.

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    • Original Author Norm Metcalf
    • Source Prototype Modeler
    • Publication Date April 1978

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