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  • February 1980 Editorial

    Prototype Modeler - February 1980 - Page 5 width=

    by Bob Longo

       With this issue of Prototype Modeler the cover price increases to $2.50 per issue. We have long fought this step even though we have known it was inevitable for quite some time. In fact, the reason we have to increase to $2.50 rather than some lessor amount is because we have put this move off too long and it has caught up with us sooner than we expected or hoped.

       The problem of escalating costs is one that each of us faces every day and I am sure that you find it as unpleasant as do I. For this reason, more than any other, I've probably procrastinated longer than I should; I certainly don't want to generate any ill will by price increases but neither can I stand by and see escalating costs destroy our ability to bring you a quality publication. We have looked at the alternatives of lowering quality and pages, lowering one or the other coupled with a smaller cost increase or going to the $2.50 price. While all are undesirable it seems to us that the $2.50 price is the least undesirable while cutting pages and quality would be the worst thing we could do.

       We will hold this increased price for the forseeable future but even at that our ever increasing postal costs to go along with a continuing deterioration in service from this source alone will present problems. By capitalizing on every opportunity we have to cut corners and reduce costs without sacrificing quality we feel confident that we can hold the line for a reasonable period of time and, hopefully, the government may stop deficit spending long enough to hold inflation to a reasonable rate.

       Now to more pleasant things...We have started to get some feedback on the Super-Detailing and Prototype Details columns and it has been very positive. Apparently, these features have proven helpful to many of you. We are considering the addition of more material of this sort, watch for it in future pages. Also, if you have any suggestions as to what would be most helpful to you, please let us know. Prototype Modeler magazine has proven to be very interesting and helpful over the years and we want to continue to provide you with the best in model railroading, to expand your interest in the hobby, and to make it more enjoyable. Help us to help you, please write and let us know your interests.

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    • Original Author Bob Longo
    • Source Prototype Modeler
    • Publication Date February 1980

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