• Worked on my locos tonight, well just one, a tyco 4-8-0. On my layout the two ovals are Isolated from each other, with rubber jointers, the problem is when i have a a long tender pickuped loco, (positive on tender truck and negative on the drive wheels with a wire going from tender to loco) when it get to those rail jointers it stalls, well shorts, because the postive wheels and the negtive whelels are now on two differant power packs, so the circuit is now incomplete. 

    Which brings me to part Two! I was working on my 0-8-0 and found if I just take the wire from the tender and snug it up to the left wheels, it acts just like a 0-4-0 it can just pass over  the rubber jointer and pick up the new power pack on the other track, no porblem ( and the tender now, is just for looks). 

    Now back to the Tyco folks. in trying to run a jumper to the wheels I some how broke the tab off the wire that hook to the tender. ( God bless copper kadee coupler springs and my soldering iron) and the the plastic draw bar!!!! ( I used to #4 crimp loops and a thick insolated wire, looks better then the plastic one ever did, if i do say myself.

    So in conclusion I would like to point out I should have done , and that was to have left the Tyco alone, because I had to go back fix what I had broke. I got  it work the same way it did before I started, but I felt as if I accomplished nothing in my train room in those three hours or so.  and with  that, I want to close with


    By Jack O'lack