my layout expalned

  • my layout is fake PRR line that after PRR mearged the other railroad did not want the line so they sold it to UP but UP has not changed the name on the engine shed, the little brige by the scrap yard and also they have not changed the water tower (havent bought it yet) and the Prr amrican crane car that UP sold to the scrap yard because UP did not need it. You will see the N&W steam special and also the amtrak trains running also . The main employer is the rail road and the scrap yard also you got a fire sation/police sation and a general store and lego garge the towns population is about 12 people so that why i named it smalltown it sits on rt 66. UP has a small yard that holds about one dozent cars and has a engine shed to store a few engines at a time it is a single track main all the way and UP is thinking about putting a run around track in so they can have two trains running at the same time. So thata my layout in a few words thank for reading this my youtube it mthlover11 check me out