a change

  • in one of my blogs before this one i wrote that i was adding on by going up infact i belive thats what i named it well i was running my trains today and it came to me i have a area on my layout behind the engine sheds parking lot that is a big blank area of plywood it came to me that that would make a great sidding but wait i said to myself i cant on the accont that there is not a big enongh area for a switch but than another idea came to mind if i have the switch come of the main before the scrap yard switch than have it cross over the new siding that will work so i went to get a tape and the mth rtr catalog that has all the track and accessories in it than i found a cupple of buildings that i think will work so i cant wait to get this poject started so there will be no second level at this time atlest talk to you soon