• I have used knifes for years and always practice safe cutting(I have had some close calls).

    I was using a utility knife, the kind with the screw in the side that holds the body together. The back of the blade kicked out of the handle cutting my thumb and index finger. Seven stitches in the thumb and two in the index. The hospital and doctor bill was enough to pay for two Atlas Gold locos.(or 500 Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers) After I returned from the hospital I inspected the split body of the knife. I noticed that the bottom of the handle where the two halves come together, the seam was a straight line which allowed the blade to come out and pinwheel through my finger. So to all my friends out ther PLEASE check that you do not own this style of handle. Needless to say that knife has been destroyed. I went and bought a new utility knife and noticed that all of the new handles are now made with a stagered bottom seam to prevent the blade from exitingthe handle. Please check you tool boxes and make sure that you dont own one of these cheap/old handles. I would hate someone to suffer the same fate as me.  

    Thank you. Be safe in everything you do.

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  • RiversideBNSF  (Shawn)
    RiversideBNSF (Shawn) Thanks for the heads up Darrin, just threw one away after your experience.
    May 13, 2011