Lighting "Tricks".

  • To reiterate some ideas and construction methods outlined earlier let it suffice ta say that where EVER you can fit a fiber optic fillament you can send LIGHT.

    Very SHARP bends to fiber optics MUST be avoided to prevent damaging the fillament and causing a light "leak"  After cutting a fillament the ends should be polished to restore the maximum amount of light transmission.  Lapping compound is great for this polishing task, so also is a "tooth whitening" toothpaste.

    Currently I have available .50, .75, 1 and 1.5 mm. fiber optic fillament.  Also, I have .067", .125" and .185" clear Lucite Rod.  If an efficient method of delivery can be arranged I'd "sell" these items at my cost.  The Lucite rod can be cut to length as well as the fiber optic fillament.