The ModelRailcast Show

  • Just a heads up to TrainLife members. If you have not heard it before, there is an interesting podcast out there call The ModelRailCast show. The show, hosted by Ryan Anderson, comes out weekly (with some weeks taken off) and covers all sorts of railroading and model railroading related topics. I myself contribute pieces from time to time on the prototype railroads of Northern New England. The current episode features a piece I put together on 3 shortlines in New Hampshire.

    This podcast, along with others such as The Model Railway Show and the Scotty Mason show are fun model railroading-related audio files that you can listen to while driving/commuting to work, while working on the layout or on a model project, or just about anywhere at anytime.

    Check out and search for model rail cast in iTunes to download to your computer, iPod, iPhone, etc.

  • Matt Newman
    Matt Newman I really enjoy your pieces Mike. In fact your piece on Free-mo is really what got me started on my own module.
    June 22, 2011
  • Buddy Blinn
    Buddy Blinn I work the overnight shift and have enjoyed listening to the modelrailcast and I always look forward to your pieces on the railroads of Northern New England.Great job !! You should give Model Rail Radio a listen Tom and Chris cover alot of topics and hav...  more
    June 23, 2011
  • Adam (adaribros)
    Adam (adaribros) I have listened for a long time. Great show!
    June 25, 2011