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  • S.D. Edawards Power Plant

    Well tonight I will be starting my first model. It is a Walthers Cornerstone.   I hope everything goes well will post pictures as I go.
  • Layout Progrss

    Well it has been a few days. Steve and myself has for two nights got the benchwork is done other than the legs.It is 1/4 inch B/C grade plywood, 1x3 boards,and was glued with PL375 Locktite glue and screws that was counter-sunked.   Here is a few pictures of our work.Might look like there wa...
  • My first Train Layout

         Well I finally started my layout with my buddy (Steve Lamb) last night... There will be a Coal Mine (Lofton Mines),PowerPlant (S.D. Edwards Station), & a Apple Orchard (Amy's Apples). There will be a river for the Power Plants water source and small streams for the Fly Fi...