Module - schmodule...

  •   Got a bit more done on the module this week.  I tried to carve the foam with a razor knife.  fter nearly severing a thumb, I headed for the hobby shop to pick up a hot wire foam cutter.  While I was ther eI grabbed some ME code 55 rail, a few pieces of Atlas 55 flex track and some cork roadbed.

      Came back home and fiddled around getting used to the foam cutter.  It works really neat, but the flimsy wire takes a bit of getting used to to get a cut that you'll be proud of.  They have a few other tools, and I may head back over to pick up one of the carvers.  The elevations are set, but the chuncks that I cut out didn't leave a very level surface, and my track tilts a bit.  So that will have to be fixed up tomorrow.

      I have a bit more carpentry to do on one end of of one section.  I need to add a second endplate at roughly 50 degrees to allow connection with more branchline sections.  I got all my legs modified and painted, and the carriage bolt feet have been dipped in black 'DIP-IT' and are curing.  I'll get a couple of photos posted of them alone and on the modules once the paint is dry.

      Now I need to go back and figure out what is the next step.  I also picked up some acrylic paint for my dirt color, and some Sculptamold for filling in and contouring my mistakes.  :)




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