•   The past couple of weeks have seen all the wiring finished on the module.  I have tested the throttle bus, and repaired the fascia after the module fell off the sawhorses.  The tailtrack extension is almost finished, just needs a last bit of soldering/sanding and some paint then I can run a train over the track and check it out. 

      I also picked up a Kato unitrak V3 expansion module so I could play with  building and "Inglenook sidings" switching layout on my bare shelves in the train room.  This will just be a temporary setup to give me an opportunity to "play with trains".  Check out the link here: .  The track is all snapped together and Zephyr hooked up, I just need to print out some cards to shuffle for generating the  "switchlist".

      Yesterday I went to The Hobbysmith and picked up some 0.020" styrene sheets, more Peco code 55 rail joiners, and two 12 packs of Fox Valley Models wheelsets.  I got the narrower "semi-scale" units.  Eventually I want to convert my entire collection over to these, but right now I wanted to get them to fix some of my early Exactrail cars that came with the plastic wheelsets.  I don't know where they got them from, but most of my Exactrail cars have at least one bent axle and a significant "wobble".  Those FVM wheels are SWEET!!

      Now I need to bust out the weathering powders and paints and get them fixed up.