Keeping busy

  •   I have been working on stripping the F7 shell that you may have seen in my airbrushing troubles video.  I felt bad about spraying on all that flourescent pink without a suitable basecoat to show it off!  The new paint washed off pretty easily with just some 70% rubbing alchohol.  The factory paint was a bugger.  I have pretty much all of it stripped off, except for a few tiny bits  around and in the fans.  closeup of remainuing paint


    I haven't decided if I will worry about getting every little bit off, unless one of you has a sure fire, quick and easy method of getting the last of it without ruining the shell.

      I plan on painting it GN "Big Sky Blue".

      I have also been tinkering with the Free.Mo.N module.  I got the loose feeder all soldered up, the diverging route soldered down and trimmed out at the joint, and some badly needed reinforcement to the fascia.  Our next meeting has been moved back to October 20th, and I would realy like to get a bit more running done on the track.  I used Peco turnouts, and I can see how this was a mistake, as power routing is not as robust as I had hoped.  But this is a learning module!  If I can get at least the mainline reliable, I will throw some brown paint on the foam and build a foamcore mockup of the coldstorage facility that will sit along the siding.

      That ought to keep me busy!