INRD SD9043 build from Kato unit

  •  Well, here it goes kids. I got lucky and scored both numbers of the Indiana RR SD9043Mac from Kato. I've been detailing for more then 10 years, and haven't done a kato unit in sometime! After getting my 1st unit, #9002 I set forth looking at pics and figuring out a plan. I originally planned on doing minimal details, but, that has since changed! So alot of examining I found alot of faults to the models which Ill list below.

     My idea behind this whole build is to make it more to the prototype, but, built to be able to run and not have to sit on a shelf the rest of its life! So here's my bucket list:

    1- Wire grabs throughout

    2- New horn

    3- Fuel tank details

    4- antennas, pilot work ( new ditchlights placed to proper location, MU plugs, spare knuckle holders)

    By setting my goals, and a plan, I should be able to accomplish my tasks in a reasonable timeframe. I am willing to make compromises as these models will certainly look better, but, would be 100% accurate, as stated there built to run, not be a shelf looker!

     Ill be adding groups of pics starting tomorrow with a short how to narrative. So far I have the pilots details I wanted to remove ( MU plugs, ditchlights, spare knuckle holders) gone and sanded smooth. Next I have inserted all the grab irons from kato, I will be slicing these off and redrilling new holes for grabs. I am in need of roof shots of the 9002 and 9005 if anyone on TL has any! I hope you follow along, Please ask questions!! Thanks!