More progress!

  • Good day all,


    Well, I lost all my text...  yeah!!!  So I have to do this entry all over again! :-(


    I'm very happy at the moment!  Why?  Because my progress is very good on the layout!  I was expecting to spend much more time on building the switches but it turns out that it's going much faster than I expected.  I was aiming for an early November inauguration date but this may be as soon as the end of september, right on time for my birthday! :-)


    I was able to complete two switches in a little over two hours last night. This includes the shaping of the rails, soldering to PCB ties and gluing the CVT plastic ties as well.  This bring my total to five completed switches out of ten.  I just need to paint them before getting them on the layout.  This means that by the end of the weekend, I should have half the layout ready to play with! :-)


    I've also been able to connect the feeders to the main bus and I'm testing the layout as I go.  I'm not 2quite happy with the size of the feeders I have (18 AWG) as I think that they are bit big and if I was to start over, I would use 22 AWG.


    I found a problem with one of my locos, an Athearn RTR GP35.  I have grades for the spurs (about 2%) and the front pilot drags on the track so when the loco reaches the grade, the wheel slips as the pilot hit the rails...  not an ideal situation but I'll be able to fix this by removing some material on the pilot.  It was also unable to climb the grade (in reverse) with three cars!  I did test this with another loco and no problem at all, it was able to climb the grade with ease.


    Well, that's it for this update.  With luck, I'll be able to continue work on it over the week to finish two or three more switches, ready for painting over the weekend! I will upload pictures of my progress as soon as I have more time to do so!