Ending the Never Ending Layout Design, Part 2

  • I hope you find this as amusing as I do. The layout is now in revision 15 or 16, do not really care anymore. Why am I still changing the "Never Ending Layout design"? Operation, operation, operation. The Marklin C Track System has allowed me to run my trains over my layout design without it being attached to the decking and so I have been running operation over my layout and came to one conclusion... the continuous loop operation on this layout is plain old boring. (Side note, my wife thought our small dining area should become the permanent home of this layout giving me almost another foot of space to expand the layout into.)

    I realized if I connected the exit/entrance track on the right end of my layout to the upper right end siding, it creates a return loop and a reversing loop. Now when a train runs in the continuous mode, it wraps around, through, up, and down over almost all the track. So instead of going just around and around, now there is much interest in a trains journey over the layout.

    I have been working on developing the interchangeable modules for my layout. The coal mine will be incorporated into the main layout, but I have a river port, and engine servicing facility in the works.

    Once I feel I have the main layout fastened in place, it will be time to begin the endless work on scenery and scratch building all my buildings and a few river "Narrowboats" for the river port. The never ending will probably continue until the day I leave this world, but I must admit....sure is fun !!!