Electicity in the 1880's ???


    BR ET 194I took the advice or joke of a friend and did exactly what he said I should do... build my own locomotive. I have always been fascinated with vertical boiler, chain driven branch line locomotives. There were not that many ever built, I think the Sentinnel Y1 & Y3 series in Britian may have been the most produced version of this. Because I run the Marklin 3-rail AC system, it is difficult to find a chassis to use as a basis for a locomotive such as this. Today I won on Ebay what is called a BR ET 194 Triebwagon. Problem is that this boxcar locomotive was run by electric overhead power... but not between 1866 and 1880 where I am modeling... so ... it will now become a vertical boiler box car locomotive. I will store away the original shell of this locomotive and construct my own shell out of balsa wood,plastic, and cast parts. The locomotive is to work the coke ovens on my new layout and transfer loads between the ovens and the yard for pick up by mailine train service.  This is really not a difficult project to do and that is why I am doing it... I am by no means a master modeler. I will add a photo of the before to this blog and write a second blog with the finished product. How long will it take to do this... I do not know ... depends on what is happening in my life and how fast I find components I want to use. I will have a one of a kind Marklin Locomotive and it will not cost me $1500 to do it. BR ET 194 Triebwagon before... If you are curious how long this locomotive will be ? From buffer to buffer about 3.51 inches. Nice size for a little shunting loco. Just a little addendum to this blog... there actually were small trams and undergrounds being powered by electricity in the 1880's... but it was by third rail and not overhead pantographs, which came into being about 1895... thought I had made a historical error for a little... I can breathe easy now.

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