• 48 members led by Ryan Osmolski
    Just for anyone who has a fake railroad on their layout or likes seeing other people's ideas. Post pictures and discuss as you please.
  • 54 members led by marty makarick
    Coffee table layouts are a great way to build a layout in an apartment setting or a living room as a second layout so small children can watch trains run without being able to touch. I built mine in 1997 and it is going through its 3rd rebuild . The first layout was a simple oval of Kato track set up on blue foam covered with green felt . It is 48" x 30" . I will be covering the rebuild in this group . Please feel free to join , add pictures of your own Coffee Table Layout,
    add comments , or ask questions.
    My layout is in N-Scale but I would really like to build one in Z-Scale so if you have a z scale layout in a coffee table please post it here.
    Please keep pictures of coffee table layouts limited to your own layouts , not someone elses ...  more
  • 92 members led by Kevin Copley
    This group will be dedicated to all lines of Athearn trains. From blue boxes to Genesis. You can post any Athearn based photos on this group. You can also post any question or comment that is related to Athearn trains. If you want to become a group office...  more
  • 15 members led by Jeffery the DCC installer..
    I phone based hand held controller better response
    Google the app .. I have used it for about a year now ,, I think it better than some of the other throttles out their
  • 6 members led by Rich Wood
    A place to gather information about modeling the Grand Trunk RR. Real photos to reference for model railroading: Lets ...  more
  • 130 members led by Derek Key
    This is a group dedicated to keeping the honesty of model railroading intact. This group will have a list hobby shops, dealers, as well as ebay sellers your fellow modelers recommend as well as ones to avoid.
  • 31 members led by Ben Rynes
    A group for people who like modeling scenery and would like to share their knowledge.
  • 245 members led by Thomas McEwen
    This will be a Bi-weekly modeling contest that I will host.I will pick a topic and please enter a photo to represent that topic.There will be a poll to cast your votes for the best photo.Please only enter one photo per contest.No prizes (yet) but hopefull...  more
  • 17 members led by Charles Dood
    This group is for those who have limited space but enjoy the Ho Scale Life. Here we can discuss materials, and so on.
  • 260 members led by Adam (adaribros)
    A group to discuss train room decorations and post photos of what your room looks like as of now.