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The April Issue .
Dear Arnie, Since the arrival of the new M odel Railroading last year, I have been disappointed by the lack of identity, the quality of the articles and photography, and the general layout of the magazine. I had just about given up when the April 1990 issue came. It is my opinion that this might be the most beautiful model railroading publication I have ever seen. Your choice of type, graphics, and full page photos is beautiful and refreshing. Model Railroading has a definitive identity if this format continues. The two page photos on pages 18-19 and 42-43 are simply gorgeous. The spread of photos for" SUCCESSFUL SCEN ERY" is great. Since I am an N scaler, I found the KATO U30C most informative and the "REEFER REBUILDS" very interesting and attractive. Looking forward to more. Sincerely yours, George Bourcier Tacoma, Washington Editor's Note: Thanksfor your honesty regarding our earlier issues. But, thanks a whole lot more for your comments regarding the April issue. With one year under our belts, we can only ex pect to move forward. Dear Mr. Stanley, It chances that great minds run in the same grooves, or is it ruts? Anyway, recently, and in future issues of the NMRA B ulletin are my modifications and changes to the much-appreciated IHC San Fran cisco "Painted Lady" houses familiar to most model railroaders. As you know, lead time in publications is quite long. When I did my articles, I was not aware of your talented efforts. I was just hop Dear Ms. Ross: I take umbrage with your "Swimsuit SCENERY Issue" concept. It is inappropriate and sexist, particularly so from a female editor. For your information, some of us male railfans and modelers actually are mature enough not to purchase a magazine in order to salivate over photos of barely clad nubile, young females. Very truly yours, A . L. O'Toole Virginia Beach, Virginia Editor's Note: It was all meant in good fun. After all, it worked for SI! We'll get back to doing, however, what we do best . . . model rail roading. A nd in this case, salivating is okay! ing that IHC would not discontinue the five-pack Victorians before my article saw the light of day ... My articles differ from yours in that I am reducing rather than enlarging upon the IHC Victorians. The IHC (AHM) houses have such good detail that they are irresisti ble , but I, like you perhaps, rarely build anything straight out of the box . . . I have enjoyed your articles and look forward to seeing more of your work. I read your article (review) of the little RIX house with the porch. And I have seen very similar houses back East. I suppose I'll get one for my layout. Yet on most of the prototypes, I've noticed a tapering porch column . I may just scratchbuild those parts . Sincerely , Ken Chamberlain Tucson, Arizona P.S. A lot of those "RIX houses" were built in Tucson, Arizona many years ago, so I suppose they are all over the U . S . in one form or another. Editors's Note: I have been reading your series of articles in the NMRA bulletin with great interest. Roy Stanley ..

Another Cumbre . .


only FM unit that can qualify as "Baby Trainmaster" is the 1600 hp version also on C-C trucks. The Bosques de Chihuahua Railroad owns two H16-44 B-B roadswitchers, not H 12-44' s and 1O-44's as indicated in the article or the footnote. The picture on page 45 is of one of those HI6-44 ' s , very easily modeled today with Bowser's ex PSM unit and the correct FM curved-frame trucks from Smokey Val ley. The Chihuahua Pacific also operated a fleet of these units well beyond their service years in the U.S.A. The entire FM story is an in teresting one and we modelers in HO are fortunate to have a selection of FM power available (AHM's C-Liner, Bowser H16-44, Athearn ' s H24-66, and Cary ' s HI0-44). I ' ve often thought about using the AHM bodies as a basis for the very unusual C20-45 or C24-45 used in the Northeast by LIRR, NYNH&H and NYC. Sincerely yours, John E. Parker Aiken, South Carolina

Dear Miss Ross, The "TRAINMASTER" was a 2400 hp, C-C trucked unit. The


The log car drawings as they appeared in the May 1990 issue were incorrect for 0 scale. They are reprinted correctly here in N scale.
Pat UlNae" drawing CP Reil and Be Rail Skeleton Log Car., Mav 1 SBD, Pg. 4 1 43.


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