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S. S. Danielsen, Nick Siegel
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Amie Ross
A....I.tant Editor

Stephanie Morrissey
Production Manager

LaDonna T. Vaughan
Con..ultlng Editor


Robert J. Zenk
Contributing Editors

David Casdorph, Bill McKean, Jim Six,

W. Terry Stuart, Roy M. Stanley II, Scott T. Anderson, Rich Picariello,
George Melvin, Larry E. Smith, Jim Mansfield, Patrick Lawson
Circulation M..nagar

Williamson, West Virginia: The layout is here at long last. We've had numerous re quests to "hurry up," so to speak, and run the layout, so here goes. I'd like to thank Vern French and Scott Anderson for their cooperation in "hurrying up" for me. I couldn't give them much time to reshoot and put the piece together, but like the troopers they both are, they came through with flying colors. Thanks, guys. You have at least five or so days until the next deadline. Piece of cake ! By the way, we'll be returning to the series as scheduled next month, and then we'll follow up with the completed layout as our final installment. We return this month with part three of Covered Hopper Conversions. Dean Freytag takes a look at the leftover parts from installments one and two to put together Southern #4128. It makes a perfect follow up and/or companion car to Southern #94350, as shown in the May 1 990 issue and to the cars shown in the April 1 990 issue. Jim Six also returns this month with our second installment on Modeling Pennsy Box Cars, This month, we'll take a look at modeling a 1 950's era PRR X48 box car.We also conclude Box Car Rebuilds by Martin Lofton, with a look at the 1 937 AAR design look-alikes , and Yarmouth Junction by George Melvin, with a look at daily operations. Ron Bearden concludes the Chessie System SD20 kitbash in N scale, By the way, we noted that we had covered the' 'trucks" in our first installment. It was either the shortest segment on trucks you have ever read, or it wasn't there. Guess what? It wasn't in cluded in part one, It is, however, included here, so enjoy. Mark Vaughan , Ted Minkanic , and Dale Jenkins offer us a look at Illinois Terminal Fifty-Foot Double Plug Door Box Cars. The finished product looks great, so take a look at this one. Bill McKean also takes a look at Americanizing the Con-Cor/Herpa Skele ton Container Frame , as well as B urlington Northern Switch Replacements. After hav ing watched the replacement of five switches and a crossing diamond, Bill, and other model railroaders, got a definite feeling of "Gee! They do it just like we do!" Also in this month's issue, Larry Smith offers solutions to two of the greatest pitfalls encountered by modelers - where either a building doesn't fit your layout because of size or design , or it isn't in the right time period . Larry uses mock-ups and models to remedy this situation, so take a peek. AI Armitage has done it again - this time with plans for the Boston and Maine B- 1 5 Moguls . . . ! Plenty o f photo coverage i s included with this one, And to wrap the issue up, we have a unique piece titled Rails On Logs 'N Rocks by Scott Anderson . As Scott says, "A smile is the natural consequence of viewing these diminutive railroads up close and personal." We also close with a loak at two different types of industries. Pat Lawson finishes up his logging series with an article on the Ma ple Ridge Log Unloading/Banding/Booming Facility, and Jim Rogers looks at a proto type you can model for unloading crushed stone and cement in Industry in a Wye. And last, but certainly not least, is Roy Stanley's article on ways to avoid the "sameness" syndrome when creating commercial areas on your layout. Son of "Beware of Cookie Cutter Streets !" begins on page 64. All in all, we have a whopping nineteen articles to offer you this month. It's a first for us , and we're dam glad to be able to do it. This past year has brought with it many changes, but at long last, we're finally seeing some of the rewards of our- and your efforts, And we want to say thank-you. We couldn't do it- have done it- or continue to do it - without you, Editor's Note: If your name happens to be either Brian Richnan or William Stixrud, on this one. The call will be well worth your while. Thanks. could you please contact Rocky Mountain Publishing; i.e., 1 -800-736-0427. Trust me

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