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UP SD24B 444B was the last SD24B unit built and is mated with cab unit 422 on September 22, 1968. It shows the initials and road number below the numberboards in this front view Microscale 87-169. Photographer unknown, Bill Linley collection

This side view of UP SD24M 3399 clearly shows the major appearance changes that were applied to this test-bed unit. The entire top area of the long hood is changed, and the louvers are removed to make this a sealed carbody. The sidesill is reworked and has a lot of cooling piping installed. The cab (looking much smaller!) has a side-mounted rotating beacon and firecracker antenna. Built as SD24 423, it carries its fourth of six road numbers in this view. The We Can Handle It slogan and lettering is edged in black. Blue Island, IL; September 1, 1975. Decals: Microscale 87-169.
Photographer unknown, George Melvin collection

UP Slug S7 was rebuilt from SD24B 406B in 1978. The hoods were lowered to about the height of the yellow/gray color separation, retaining the louvers in their original positions but lowering the portal. This unit was scrapped in 1990. Decals: Microscale 87-169. North Platte, NE; March 3, 1979. Jeff Young photo, Diesel Era collection

Santa Fe slug 126 was rebuilt from UP SD24B 437B in April 1979. The hoods are a lot lower than UP S7 and the fuel tank has been removed. It is mated with SD26 4605 (shown in Part 2 of this series) at Barstow, CA; April 14, 1985. Decals: Microscale 87-29.
Randy Keller photo, George Melvin collection

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