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Constructed 01 metal, the HO 2-Hail DC Big Boy is the largest HO steam locomotive ever built by THIX.
Built specifically fOI' North American 2-Rail DC model railroaders, the limited edition TRIX Big Boy has a scale length of 18-5/16" and weighs over 2 Ibs. 10 oz. Representing a level of craftsmanship only found previously on brass models at a much higher price, the TRIX Big Boy suggested retail price of only $598.




The Big Boy features a metal frame, boiler, tender body and tender frame. A high-efficiency can motor with bell shaped armat ure and flywheel powers eight axles that drive all 16 wheels. Headlight and number boards are equippe d with LEOs for lighting. In addition, the Big Boy has these features:

RP 25 wheel flanges Kadee coupler #18

DCC connector for locomotive decoder installation
Factor y-ready for insta lation of two Seuthe smoke generators Tender factory-ready for digital sound effects system ( offered in near future)


Purchased by Marklin in 1997, TRIX manufactures HO products with the same quality workmanship and technical innovation that Marklin has been famous for since 1859 . Initial delivery is expected at the end of 2001 . For more information on the TRIX HO 2 -Rail DC Big Boy #T22594, visit (800) 825-0888 for the name of your nearest dealer.

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Also available are ten different UP boxcars, hopper cars and caboose. Check www.trixtrains.camibigbay far details. RJ 5-02

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