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B y Steven Orth
Train Station Products and 'American Model Builders offer passenger car components. Here's how to model these cars. Part I, in the May 2002 issue of "The Journal," illustrated the steps to upgrade the Walthers Budd 10-6 Sleeper, but not all of the text was included with the photos. Here are the steps you need to upgrade the Walthers Budd 1 0-6 Sleeper and to assemble the American Model Builders/Eastern Car Works coach. With these' kits, and others from Walthers and other manufacturers, you can model a complete Union Pacific train. There's an index of all previous articles on modeling passenger cars' and on passenger car operations on our website at www.railmodeljournal.coJll

June 1 960. Prototype and mode l photographs were publi shed for the Budd b u i l t Pacific 1 0-6 sleepers which were common in the Streaml i ner trains. The Pacific-series of 50 s l eepers was the largest class of s l eepers on the Union Pacific rai l s , and the only corrugated side cars, served the except the fou r "Tra i n of wel l , with 44 Tomorrow" cars . The "Pacific" sleepers rai l road remaining i n regu l ar service u p to the A m trak e ra . F i v e cars, the "Pacific B ri dge, " " P a c i fi c C ru i ser, " " Pacific G uard, " "Pacific Harbor, " and "Pacific Light" were sold to the M i l waukee Road


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between the rai l roads. "Pac i fi c Empire" wrecked scrapped . remai n i ng cars remained with U n i on Pacific u n t i l Amtrak took over passenger serv ice. Amtrak purchased 43 Pacific series s l eepers. One car, the "Pacific Domai n ," remained with Union Pacific in i ts business car fleet, and i s now named "Cabarton" serv i ng as a four bedroom staff car. The o n l y add i t ional cars purchased from B udd by the Uni on Pacific were the eight 5900-series RPOs i n 1 963 and the 20 coaches (5508-5 5 2 7 ) purchased i n 1 960. The R PO and coaches had the characteristic B udd corrugated roof, but were eq u i pped w i th s mooth s i de s . Additional prototype information o n the "Pac i fi c S eries" sleepers appears in Vo l u m e 4 , N u mber 4 of The Streamline!:

M odeling the Pacific Series Sleeper
D i ffe rent B u dd 1 0-6 m a n ufacturers s l eeper over the have years . produced several H O s c a l e model s o f t h e Ri varossi produced a 1 0-6 B udd sleeper, w h i ch was c l ose to the U n i o n Pacific series of cars w i th the exception of the ai s le-si de wi ndows and s k i rts. Con-Cor p roduced a similar model w i th yet another pattern o f a i s l e w i ndows, these being correct for the Cali o rn ia Zephyr f c ars . Recently, Walthers produced the best B udd sleeper to date. FOtt u n ately for the Union Pacific and A mtrak mode ler, the Walthers car has the correct U n i on Pacific w i ndow arrangement, no s k i rts, and the correct underbody equ i pment. The Walthers arra ngement, model in i n c l u des tan an adequately detailed i n terior of the correct molded styre n e .


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