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Dear S ir: Thanks for Larry Puckett's terrific article on modeling Southern Rai lway ' s PA3 diesels (January 1 99 1 MRG)! In response to his statement concerning the placement of air horns and some confusion regarding paint and lettering details, I have enclosed color prints of SR PA3s in various stages of paint (and disrepair!) . . . Unfortunately, good photographs of these units are few and far between. Southern obv iously l e t these u n i t s deteriorate cosmet ically rather quickly. Heralds disappeared by the late 1 950s and didn't reappea r even when u n i t s were repainted. A t least two u n i ts recei ved black paint (690 I with the old-style lettering and 6904 with the new bronze gold large letters). Tom Alderman Marietta, GA
Edi/or's No/e: Tom included 20 color ph% s covering all six Sou/hern PA3s. Some are reproduced here. Based on /he ph% s provided, i/ is obvious /ha/ all six PA3s had jirecracker an/ennas. The em'lies/ da/ed ph% which shows /he firecracker an/er/l1a is a ph% o f 6901 da/ed Augus/ 8, 1956. A ph% o 6902 which is only da/ed f 1956 also clearly shows if. A fuzzy 1955 ph% of6905 is inconclu sive; if /he al11enna is presel11 i/ is obscured by the air horn. An April 1963 p h % s h o ws 6900 on a rip/rack wairing to be scrapped; i/ s/ill has rhe an/enna. In all ot/he ph% s where i/ is visible, /he upper headligh/ open ing is equipped wi/h a dual-elemen/ Mars ligh/, /he lower lens being red. The one possible excep/ion is /he rip/rack ph% o 6900. f In /his ph% i/ appears as if /he lower lens is clear or rha/ /he red lens has been broken or removed and only /he rejiec/or is showing. 1/ is also apparenl tha/ /hejive-chime air horn is mounted on the
centerline of the cab on all engines.

More on Southern P A3s

Four i/ems rhal vary depending on engine and date are: 1 ) SR circle herald on nose, 2) /he color o /he numberboardfi'ames, 3) f /he color of windshield Fames, and 4) p resence of handrails beside /lose door. To assis/ /he modeler who wan/s /0 model a parricular locomorive for a given" dare, /he accompanying /able summarize the in forma/ion provided by /he ph% s.-Randy Lee
Numberboard Windshield Frames Frame
Silver Green Silver Black Black' Silver Green Green Green Green' Black Green Green' Silver Silver Silver Black Black' Silver Silver Silver Green Green' Black Green Green


Photo Date

Yes No Yes No No Yes No No No No No Yes No

No Yes No Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes

6900 6900 690 I (Green) 6901 (Black) 6901 (Black) 6902 6902 6902 6903' 6904 (Green) 6904 (Black) 6905 6905

2/17/57 4/63 8/8/56

1962 1956 5/59 12/60 1957 12/60 2/61 1955 1962

'Some paint chipped away, revealing silver-colored frame. 'Allhough photo is ident i fied as being of 6903 , the number i s not readable in the photo. Whether this is a photo of 6903 or not, the Dav id Salter photo of 6903 (dated August 1 95 8 ) in the January issue is probably m isdated. Judging from the con d i t i on of the engine, the presence of the herald and lack of handrails, the photo in the January issue was pr.obably taken in 1956 or before.

Bristol, VA. 8/8/56. Photographer unknown.

Macon, GA. 1960. H. L. Robins photo.

Atlanta, GA. 2/61. Shelby Lowe photo.

Atlanta, G A. 1 962. Photographer unknown.


M odel R a i l roading

A pril 1 991

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