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March 2001 - Page 76

More than just your average locomotive, the Baldwin 2-6-0 was railroad royalty. Making its debut alongside the 4-4-0 at the Centennial Exhibition celebrating the United States' 1 00th anniversary, the 2-6-0 carried 4 million of the visitors around the Exhibition site. Its impressive size and strength led the engine to be christened the "Mogul," and the 2 -6-0 reigned over the narrow gauge rails of its day. Bachmann's Spectrum 2 -6-0 Mogul is a 1 :20.3 large scale reproduction of the revered Baldwin locomotive. It features prototypical detailing and parts, including a working Stephenson valve gear with operating piston valves, Johnson bar, and linkage. Also included is a polarity switch that allows you to c hoose the direction the 2-6-0 travels (either according to N M RA standards or large scale model railroad practice). A perfect companion to the Spectrum' 4 -4-0 Centennial, our new 2-6-0 exhibits all the power and style needed to make it your railroad Mogul.

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