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March 1997 - Page 44

Enjoy America's finest travel treat-North Western's " 400" Stream liner Fleet. These finely appointed trains with their fast daily schedules between Chicago and the important cities of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan and South Dakota have been made a favorite of the well seasoned traveler. And justly so, for here is smooth diesel power coupled with modern car construction. " 400" c oaches offer deep-down comfort with their foam-cushioned reclining seats and spacious lounge rooms. Lux urious Parlor cars provide the ultimate in comfortable daytime travel with their adjustable oversize chairs beside huge picture windows. Dining and Tap-Cafe Lounge cars on the " 400" Fleet are always popular places, for here tasty food and drink are served in a pleas ant atmosphere of conviviality. When your plans call for overnight travel to cities in the nine states we serve, choose the safety and solid comfort of North Western's fine "overnighters". Many of these deluxe trains like the stream lined North Western Ltd. and the Duluth-Superior Ltd. offer a full range of Pullman accommodations to assure truly restful travel comfort.

1. Spacious Parlor Cars 2 . Cozy Private Bedrooms 3 . Solid Comfort Coach Seats

Sparkling Dining Cars

5 . Cheerful Tap-Cafe Cars 6. Handy Lunch-Counter Cars 7 . Luxurious Observation Cars

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