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November 4-16. Ponderosa North "Rail
orama 1990," Phoenix, Arizona. Exhibit hours: Sunday - 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. Daily - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Operations & demonstrations: \0:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Free and open to the public. Valley Bank Center Concourse, 201 N. Central Ave. Contact: Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85023-2555. Florida Railroad Modelers, HO, 0 , and other scales. Meets each Thursday (except 3550 S. Goldenrod Rd. (SR 551), Orlando. Contact: Russ Livingston, (407) 275-7659. the fIrst) at 7:30 P.M. at VFW Post #4287, Matt Furze, (602) 375-8229, 17237 N. 16th need your input, as a contributor to the magazine. No one on our current list of contributors is a professional author (al though a few are professional photogra and all the editorial material are prepared by people just like you. This magazine, as described in the edi phers); the majority of the photographs work belongs. If you borrow photos or use duplicate slides, we try to pay the original source, but you must supply that address. We'll also pay you for the cap tions for those photos. Currently, we pay white photo and $15 each for the use of a at least $7 each for the use of a black and

torial in the fIrst anniversary issue (May 1990), is the result of questions and sug gestions from the readers. This magazine is not "created" for the whims of experts, but in response to the needs of our read ers. We want to see your ideas, your models and your experience in print, and we're willing to help you to get here . . . First, we want ideas that you can fulfill

graphs within 90 days of publication if you ask. Payment is made within about 45 days of publication. With rare exceptions, we do not pay in advance but rather upon publication, because only then do we know the true value of the article or photographs. We would like your per mission to hold the material for at least 12 working on the magazine with a cover months (yes, months - we are currently

color photo. We will return the photo

AII-Year . O rlando, Florida. Central

1990; Elmwood Park Elks Club, 192 Market Street, Elmwood Park, New Jersey; \0:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Contact: Karl Geffchen, (201) 857-2825 before \0:00 p.m.

Jersey, 0 Scale Only Meet; October 13,

Model Engineers Railroad Club of North

All-Year. New Jersey, Elmwood Park,

- we have more than enough "un you. You must be able to supply 5x7

fulfilled dream ideas" of our own, thank glossy black and white photo prints or 35mm color slides of the work, or draw the written material is relatively simple; ings in black ink as illustrations. Again,

date six-months from this one and have a ' rough format for next year s edition of this month's issue). If the material is completely unacceptable, we try to return it within 45 days, but stuff we hope to use can sit in these offices for as long as 12 months. For complete articles, we try to average

it's the illustrations that are the critical part of a magazine like this. In very rare cases, we will photograph the model for the article, but that model must either be

1 991 EVENTS
cisco, California. San Mateo County Fair Mateo, California. Contact: 0 Scale West,

February 9-1 0. 0 Scale West, San Fran

about $60 per published page as payment. Intricate line art drawings and cover payment for that material will be some what higher. Before you write or photograph an arti cle, send us your ideas with a note on how far you can caryy the article. (Will you take step-by-step photos? Supply line art? Supply matching photographs of the pro finish the work and, if possible, send can guess, at least, whether your photo graphic and/or modeling skills are "re producable" in a magazine. Address all inquiries to the editor, Bob S c h leicher, Railmodel Journal, 2403 Champa St., Denver, CO 80205. Please, don't try to call. If you need to discuss something personally, include your tele phone number, and I'll try to call you. I cle, at least, is accepted so both know what each of us expects from the other. call all contributors before their first arti photographs of your finished work so we totype?) Also, tell us how soon you can photographs are more valuable to us, so

grounds, 25th and Delaware Streets, San

the NMRA national conventions, and the arrangements must be made well in ad vance. If you like to prepare line art illus trations of track plans or techniques (no, we don't need cartoons just yet), send us a sample of your work. Colors besides lay, keyed at two comers to the under oblique or perspective views of both tech niques and track plans. We prefer stetp-by-step, how-to photo graphs (that show "in-process" what you are actually doing, rather than what you have done), but we do have space for completed projects, providing you have an original black and white photograph or modeled (published photos won't help in for prototype photographs unless they are accompanied by photographs of a match ing model. The exceptions? Additional photographs of freight cars we have ical confIguration (a 13-rib hopper is not a shown, but here the cars must be of ident color slide of the actual prototype you black must be drawn on a separate over

in Colorado or delivered to us at one of

P.O. Box 50261, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

June 18-23. NTRAK N Scale Convention
East, Louisville, Kentucky, Commonwealth Convention Center, 221 4th Ave. vention. High Point, North Carolina, Fur niture Mart. Contact: Wayne L. Olson, 5000 782-0118. Dantree Place, Raleigh, NC 27609. (919)

J une 2 0 -23. N ational 0 S cale Con

lying black line art. We'd also like to use

June 30-July 6. National Model Railroad
Association (NMRA) National Convention, Denver, Colorado.

M isspelled Name
I t was with great interest that I looked forward to your September 1990 article his book. about Steven Cryan, as I know and admire


when I saw that you had spelled his name

You can imagine my dismay

this case). We are not currently searching

Bob Schleicher

This is really sad since Mr. Cryan is a recognized artist specializing in paintings of railroad subjects, and his name is his living. Someone proofreading the article might photo which says "STEVEN CRY AN." Sorry they missed it.

have gotten a clue from the sign in the fIrst

R ailroad Prototype Modelers Meetings:,

page can be done to make it up to him.

correction on the bottom of the editorial

I hope something more than a one-line

cle on 14-rib hoppers). We try to publish these photographs in the "Reader's car articles. If we get enough of these photographs, we'll prepare "Part II or Part III" articles (as we did with the Gen eral American/Evans box cars in 1990). We prefer typed text, double-spaced, with about three pages the maximum (un proved by the editor). We pay for everything we use in this less previous arrangements have been ap Rooster" section as follow-up to freight

match, in this example, for cars in an arti



I: -.-::-R

build accurate models of the real thing based on prototype data and historical research. RPM includes modelers of both modem

informal group of model railroaders who

R a i l r o a d P r ototype M o d e l e r s is an

Cheryl A. Reynolds Deep River, Connecticut

(1955-1988) and classic (1900-1955) eras from all over North America (and even over seas) who are dedicated to modeling real-life railroads as realistically as possible - not just individual locomotives, cars, and struc tureS but track, scenery, and operations.

C ontributing to Railmodel Journal
and consulting editors combine their tal Several dozen writers, photographers ents to produce R a ilmodel Journal

magazine each month. We do, however

magazine, but we must know to whom the

RPM evolved from the Modem Prototype

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R AILMODEL JOURNAL - December 1990


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