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Compiled by Sean Graham-White Source: Union Pacific Railroad


h a t was o n c e t h e r e l a t i v e l y s i m p l e t a s k of i n t e g r a t i n g Chicago & North Western's locomotive fleet i n to its larger g ray-a n d - ye l l ow m a s s b e c a m e m u c h m o r e c o m p l i ca ted when Union Pacific acquired Southern Pacific. Finding and inte grating the number series for the myriad locomotive models must have been a daunting task. The railroad's goal i s placing locomo tives of the same model together i n number series-and with a few excep t i o n s - i t h a s s u c c e e d e d . The r o s t e r b e l ow is a con densed ren umbering p l a n and does not separate number series where retirements have occurre d . I t i s current a s of J u ne 1 9 9 7 and includes additional units acquired from lease fleets and other railroads since the merger.

Randy Garnhart
P re m erg er Owner Model Qua ntity Pre m e rger Road N u m b ers P ostmerger Road N u mb e rs N otes

Frank Powell

S L4B Slug S L 1 Slug S4B Slug S5-2B Slug TEBU Slug MK1 200G B23-7 B23-7 B30-7A B30-7 B36-7 C30-7 G P40-2 C36-7

3 23 1 3 9 2 81 14 58 1 02 16 1 32 1 60

1 01 0- 1 0 1 3 S9-S31 S300 S301 -S303 1 600-1 6 1 3 1 298, 1 299 1 00-1 84 51 00-5 1 1 4 200-259 7774-7883 7754-7770 2400-2538 568 9000-9059

S 1 -S3 same same same S31 0-S3 1 8 98, 99 same 1 85-1 98 same 260-361 384-399 400-531 same 600-659 5 4

2 3

OPPOSITE PAGE: Renum bered and repainted lor mer Chicago & North Western S040-2 3037 awaits its next assign ment at Proviso Yard in the Chicago area. Sean Graham-White photo ABOVE: A corner road sign stands guard at Davis Junction, Illinois. Ironical ly, Davis Junction is not located on the Union Pacific. BROW: Two trains meet at Princeton, Col orado, on Union Pacific's lamed crossing 01 Ten nessee Pass. All six loco motives in the two con sists will be renumbered and repainted. The models include AC4400CW, 8040-2, S040M-2, and S040T-2.


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