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AGW 657 spots a bad order. 00 through 05 during one session, then 05 through 10 the next session, and so on, you could have the shop foreman give a quick once over to all your cars over a matter of time. The cars that have been run through the RIP track should become some of your best running cars. With an operational car shop, the reliability and operational prospects will make your layout more enjoyable for all. Remember those calls from angry shippers I mentioned before? The calls will stop coming and that FRA inspector will be able to spend more time on your competitors...or friends layout. Without a modern car shop your shippers will flock to my Atlantic and Great Western. Maybe I shouldnt have let the secret out. For a good description of a modern car inspectors duties see Dave Cramers article Car Knockers and Rip Tracks Keep the Wheels Rolling in the October 1999 Dispatchers Office, the publication of the Operations SIG of the NMRA.

With repairs completed, this covered hopper is once again ready for revenue service. For now though, it will have to wait next to the wheel shop.

Aerial view of the A&GW car shop, office and storage yard.

Roger enjoys a trouble-free trip to Milwaukee on #104 thanks to the efficiency of his one spot car shop facility. John Kujawa photo



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