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Train Tools software products are state of the Digital Command and Control. KAM provides three different suites of software applications: e manual control (Classic Panel suite), layout automation (layout Commander" suite) and Professional dispatching (Computer Dispatcher" suite). art programs for model railroad layouts using

KAM also provides developers with the capability to "roll your own interface" by using our Train Server libraries and our web based Train Controls"sottware components.

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All product suites include the Engine Commander application, the patented Train Server interface, user manuals and video tutorials on the CD-ROM. The video tutorials and technical notes are integrated with our media book reader, The Conductoreviewer. These tutorials explain how to run your com mand station and how to run your railroad using DCC. Start using KAM software todayl

KAM's software allows you to have a choice of the computer programs to use for layout control. Our applications range from our 1940 dispatcher panel for manual and switch control, to the modern 1990's centralized traffic control system for operations. With KAM, you select the type of application you want to use!

All software shipped with KAM's products support and the next generation Windows XP platform. KAM's software is configurable for network operations using standard tools available on your Windows system. This allows you to run the software in a networked club layout and run the same application in your home to control your railroad. KAM's advance design allows you to mix and match command stations for control and operation. Windows 95/98/Me/NT 4.0, Windows 2000

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