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parts for road-specific features - this release of the 2-8-8-2 with fishbelly tender boasts exceptional details and performance features appropriate for Pennsylvania Railroad as well as Norfolk &: Western.

PROTO 2000

Every bit as beautiful as the premier edition - with the addition of newly tooled detail

NEW 18,000 Gallon Fishbelly Tender Baker Valve Gear Over 150 Hand-Applied Locomotive Detail Parts including a Brass Bell and Metal Handrails Levers

Weighted for Maximum Tractive Effort - Pulls 50 or More Cars 16 Wheel Drive

& Cut

& Electrical Pickup

5 Pole Skew-Wound Balanced Armature Precisely-meshed Worm Gear and Spur Teeth Nickel-Silver Plated Wheels Outstanding Laser-Sharp Printing Authentic Painting

& Cut Levers Speed Less than 3 Scale Miles Per Hour and up to
Metal Handrails 65 Scale Miles Per Hour RP25 Wheel Contours Articulated to Operate Through 18" Radius Curves and Switches

Over 40 Hand-Applied Tender Detail Parts with

& Weathering

Constant and Directional Head and Tail Lights Equipped with PROTO 2000 Couplers DCC Ready

Shipping in October, the 2-8-8-2 with Jishbelly tender is available in the Jollowing versions:

Norfolk &: Western #2005

Norfolk & Western #2024 Unlettered

Pennsylvania Railroad #373 Pennsylvania Railroad #376

with historical facts and rare documentation. And, as with the other releases, PROTO 2000 will donate a portion of the sales to the historical society of the roads represented to aid their efforts of preserving the history and beauty of the 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive. Quantities are limited! Please visit your hobby shop today to get yours beJore they're gone!
2001 Life-Like Products, LLC 1600 Union Ave., Baltimore, MD 21211 In Canada: 140 Applewood Crescent, Concord, Ontario L4K 4E2

Each model comes with illustrated instructions, a certificate of authenticity and a booklet filled

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