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By Ian Wi lson
' Ian Wilson recreated a significant site in Ontario for his Canadian National Railways 1 2 /2 x 1 2-foot HO scale layout. He captured the look and feel of small city and town railroading. His article on how to build the "Gooderham fI Worts" distillery appeared in the February 1 99 8 issue of "The Journal." The Grand River lay out is based on the prototype Canadian National Railways' Stratford Division. Ian Wilson's book on the pro totype, TO STRATFORD UNDER STEAM has 250 black-and-white and color photos on 1 92 pages. The book is $ 4 1 .95 ( U.S. ) plus $5.00 shipping and handling ( $66.29 postpaid in Canada ) from Canadian Branchline Miniatures, P.O. Box 2565, Orilla, Ontario L3V 7 B 1 , Canada. An index of previous articles on layout design, operations and prototype-based layout tours appears on our website at
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breaking s m oke tanks the of

of engines is being heard as the early del ivery trucks begi n arriving on their rounds to the awakening factories. From the tal l chi mneys, black s moke is drifti ng out, sign ify i ng the prosperity and pro duction of postwar industrial Canada. Tucked away in the south end of G rand R i ver, the ancient stone Gooderham & Worts distil lery stands. Constructed in

power and a bountiful l ocal grain supply b(ought the plant to the river town during the Indu strial Revo l u t i o n . Now the unmistakable aroma of a d istil lery alTests our nostrils as we peer u p at the massive rooftop sign. Tucked i n to a hollow along the west wall of the plant is the Hogg retail coal trestle. Above the stone retain ing wal l s enclosing the coal dealer, the sounds of thumping hammers and grind ing lathes are escaping from the l arge windows of the Canada Iron & Machine Company. Over be)l ond the fmthest siding,



industrial roofiiJle of Grand Ri ver, a rugged factory town in the heart o f Ontario's manufacturing district. Soot-blackened bli ck and stone walls are coming into focus, and the points of yellow Light glowing behind windows coated with grime are fading in the daw n . Already, t h e whir o f machinelY and nimble

1 857,

i t has since been

dwarfed by a massive brick complex, to w h ich it is connected by an overhead walkway. Avai labi l i ty of cheap water

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