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November 1988 - Page 5

Publisher: Bill Brown Executive Editor: Robert Schleicher Associate Editors: Bill Wright, Robert Higgins, Albin Burroughs, Bill Deurown, Jim Cassidy, Steve Smith, Richard Hendrickson Circulation Manager: Lori Austin-Rase Typography: Typetronics, Inc.

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November 1988 Volume 18, No. 12


prototype Articles (The Source):
11 & 23 Side-Dump Hoppers, Part II 12 F3 Diesels, in COLOR, Part III 21 Diesel Detail Close-Up: Alco S-2 as Chesapeake & Ohio nos. 5011 & 5036 34 Plans: Vermont Milk Shed & Ice House 39 Mines-for-Modelers: Book Review, Clinchfield Country

1988 by Rocky Mountain Publishing,


Fidelity-to-Prototype (how-YOU-can-do-it) Articles:

15 28

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SPECIAL REPORT: NMRA National Convention:
3& 40 44 46 4 32

Athearn 40 foot Hopper Kit-Conversion to Side-Dump Hopper Consists: Rutland, Vermont circa 1953 (in HO Scale) Joining Flex-Track Sections - The NEW FUNdamentals Series

Model Railroading
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58 New Products at Birmingham HO Scale Phosphate Plant (a place to park those side-dumps) Build-a-Wreck Contest Winner! Railroad Prototype Modelers Contest Winners Index of N Scale Steam and Diesel Locomotive Test Reports Performance Test Reports: 32 Spectrum (Bachmann) HO Scale GP30 Diesel 50 LGB G Gauge C&S 2-6-0 Steam Locomotive William Fleisher'S On3 Denver & Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Staging Operations

Performance Articles (Coming Closer to Perfection):


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6 Letters 11 & 48 Freight Car Feedback 59 The Society Page 64 YOUR Hobby Dealer
ON THE COVER: The inset photo is one of the F3 diesels in our full-cover series with part ili on
pages 12 and 13. The sixties-era cattle pen is the last working narrow gauge (but in 1148 scale) on William Fleisher's On3 layout. There's more on the layout starting on page 52.
magazine accepts advertisements, but only from manufacturers, authorized direct importers and publishers for their own products. We do not accept any dealer or wholesaler advertising and no price discount ads of any kind. We feel this is the only way to expose modelers directly to what the manufacturers want to say about their own products, as a supplement to our new products features, test reports and other product reviews. We expect absolutely no change in our editorial p olicy - the manufacturers value our independent stand in reviewing their products almost as much as our readers. Please send all advertising inquiries to Depot Hobby Advertising, Attention Robert C. Bickley, Model Railroading magazine advertising manager, 8039 L a Mesa Blvd., La Mesa, CA 92041. Telephone (619)



Modelers' tricks are just what the name implies, special techniques that make a particular aspect of model building easier, faster, less expensive, more realistic and (in many cases) a combination of all four! These tricks are applicable to ANY model that uses similar materials and that is why we label them as "modelers' tricks". If, for example, Goldberg's "Super Jet" cement works well to attach a p l as t i c smokestack to a roof, it (the 'trick' technique) will work equally as well to attach a plastic air horn to a plastic diesel. The "TRICK" logo will help you to spot helpful techniques even if the particular project does not interest you at the moment.

Model Railroading

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November 1 988

M odel Railroading


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