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LEFT: Dash 8-40CM cowls-including a 1 992-vintage unit in the new CN North American paint-help power a Canadian National 34 1 train in St. Paul on Aug. 1 , 1 993. Steve Glischinski O PPOSITE PAGE TOP: Montana Rail Link 392, still painted in Wisconsin & S outhern attire, waits out a July morning in Helena, Mont., before helping another westbound up Mullan Pass. Tom Danneman ABOVE: A classic pas senge r cowl, S D F P45 1 00 , h e l p e d revive Sa nta F e ' s warbonnet image; the unit is shown at Knightsen, Calif., in March 1 990. Eric Blasko


tion diesels. In the 1 960s many railroads entered the high-horse power, second generation era with the popular 3 , 600 h.p. SD45. Santa Fe liked the SD45 as well, but wanted additional protec tion for the machinery and for employees that had to use walk ways at speed. So, after years of opting for more hood units, Electro-Motive Division went full circle and designed a non structural " cowling" for hood units . This cowl design also re duced wind resistance and provided for a cleaner engine room. Since it has now been a little more than a quarter century since the cowl design was introduced, it is appropriate to look back both on the past and the current trends in cowl unit design.


he era of new streamlined diesels was long gone from the railroads of the 1 960s when Santa Fe spawned a new era of what could be termed " semi-streamlined" second genera

S anta F e , was very much a pro-passenger carrier in the 1 960s. By late in the decade, AT&SF was looking to replace its aging passenger locomotives, mainly F-units with a few Aleo PA's hanging on. Three different deSigns were purchased: the cowl FP45 from EMD, and the U30CG and U28CG (which was not cowIe d ) from General Electric. The most successful of these first generation cowl units were the FP45s, essentially a cowled SD4 5 . The new units had steam generators for train heating, weighed 4 1 0,000 pounds, and were 72 feet long. Nine were delivered to AT&SF in December 1 9 6 7 , initially assigned PAC I FIC RAILNews 3 1

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