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It's E-Z Track, Bachmann Industries' Snaptrains up and running in 15 minutes or less.

The Future Of Model Railroading Is Already Here!
curved track, and a

Fit Track and Roadbed System that gets

brand new nickel-silver E-Z Track, left and right switches, 3" straight track, 22" radius bumpers, you can count on E-Z Track to be

on floors, tables or carpets without the need for layout boards and tools. With the next generation of E-Z Track track and accessories already on the way, including
The configuration of the EZ Track product is a registered trademark of Bachmann Industries, Inc.

E-Z Track snaps together and stays together


c rossing


your "Track to the Future."

1995 Bachmann Industries, Inc. All righls reseIVed. EZ Track patent pending. Bachmann and EZ Track are registered Irademar1
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