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W hen realism is your goal, there's no compromising. So when we design our G scale pass any inspection. Each pre-painted building kit is molded from sturdy 3/8" t hick plastic. plete line of Aristo-Craft large scale indoor-outdoor buildings.
Tracks and accessories for photogr dphy purposes only. Not included wi,h kits.

out look. From the authentic wood grain to the real brass doorknobs, our buildings will

(1/24 scale) train building kits, we give first priority to how they'll make your train lay



They are true-to-scale and true-to-life. Best of all, they're just the beginning of a com

Wood a n d Brass Truss Br id ge S traight out of the old West! P icturesque truss bridge kit i s made from real wood with brass supports. Build it yourself for only $99.95. Item UAR1 7 1 02. Dimensions: 40" long.

S cenic Victorian Station A real bargain, must see to be
lieve. Brass doorknobs, shin gled roof, lighting included. Pre-painted kit. Yours for only $89.95. Shipping and handl ing included. Order item U 7100. Dimensions: \ I .. " high, 1 7% " long, 1 2 % " wide.

N ew England Covered Bridge R u s t i c A m e r i c a n a . Pre painted kit, realistic shingled roof, wood grain, tr dck ties fit in between bridge ties. It's yours for $59.95 . Shipping and handling included. Order item #7101. Dimensions: l l V4 " . high, 20'1, " long, 8 Y " wide.

Covered Waiting Pla t form What train station is complete without a waiting platform? Classic design and realistic ap# pcarance. Pre-painted quick build kit. All abOilrd for only $49.95. Item # 7 1 0 5. Dimensions: 1 9 Y;' long, I S " high, 9 " wide.

Visil ou, N.Y.C. sto,c aI J 1 4 " h Avc. , N .Y.C. , NY iOOO I . 1 50 SICPS (rom (he Empire

Slatl" Buildin.

.l 32"Sf5" ,ef






Available through be Iter hobby retailers!

T Order . . . Call TOLL FREE 1-800-22 S-POLK o

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Include card number and ex piration date with order. Or send check or money order to: Aristo-Craft/Polk's Model Craft Hobbies, Room 26, 346 Bergen Avenue, Jersey C ity, NJ 07304. NJ and NY residents please include state sales tax. Please allow 2-.3 weeks for UPS Insured Delivery. For more information, call 1-20 1 - 3 3 2-8 1 00. Distributed in Canada by Canadian Hobbycraft Ltd., 24 Ronson Dri ve, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada M W I B4 . Ph o ne: (4 1 6) 2 41-2661.

Trestle' Sets E xpanding your r dil line? Our trestle kits are just what your train layout needs. Dur able molded in color wood grain trestles for indoor and outdoor usc. Be a railroad baron with either one for only $24.95! O ver a n d Under Trestle S et \ I sizes from If '' to 8 lf, " high, 24 pieces. Item UAR1 7 1 04. . 8 % " Tre st le Set 1 2 la.,;c 8 la' trestles for $24.95. I tem # A R 1 7 1 06.

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