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November 1990 - Page 2

They Felled the Redwoods
The illustrated Story o f the rise and fall o f the Sanger Lumber Co. and the Hume-Bennett Lumber Co. Located just a few miles ftom today's Sequoia and King's Canyon National Parks high in the Sierra, these logging operations provided all the excitement o f lumbering: straining Shay locomotives, giant log chutes, a 54-mile flume, donkey engines, and a unique cast o f characters. Unfortunately, this show was carried on with the Giant Sequoia as its victim, b ut there was a happy ending with the formation o f Sequoia National Forest. Author Hank Johnston tells the events in exciting ptose and beautifully reptoduced photos. 160 pages, 200 photos, maps, index, 8 '/2x11 " sewn softbound with duotone cover. Ttans-Anglo 203 (add $2 p /h) . ........... . . . .. . . . .. . . . . . .. . 22 . 95

Diesels Over D onner
Legendary photographers Richard Steinheimer and Dick Dorn teamed u p with Shirley Burman and Don Sims to p ut together this stunning, a llco lor look at the West's first, and perhaps most famous , mountain pass. " A lovely, lyrical appreciation o f w hat remains one o f the toughest and busiest passes negotiated by rail. The 105 good color photos and their captions justify the book; b ut we find the description o f the nowdeparted mole people o f N orden, traversing their tunnels under 20 feet o f snow, to be o f equal c harm. . " says Reference & Research. " The book is excellent," says Trains. 104 pages, 105 color photos, 10 '/.0 x 8'h" h ardbound album format with color dust jacket. Trans-Anglo 290 (add $2 p /h) . . . .... . . . . . .. . .. .... . ..... . .. 49.95

The Feather River Route- Part O ne
In this , the fust o f a two-volume salon o f the Western Pacific, a uthor Ken Rattenne takes you ftom corporate headquarters in San Francisco to the town o f Keddie , deep in the Feather River Canyon. D one with spectacular photography and sensitive ptose, it's highlighted by a variety o f motive power, from F P7-powered Caltfornia Z ephyrs to green-and-orange GP40-2s on Altamont Pass! " . . . a nice combination o f old and new . .. " says Railfon & Rat/road. 144 pages, 260 B&W and 16 color photos, 10 '/4X8 '12 " h ardbound album format with striking co lor dust jacket. Trans-Anglo 291 (add $2 p /h) . .. . .. .. .. . .. . ........... . ... .42.95

Thunder in the Mountains
The story o f the life and times o f a fascinating California l umber operation last known as the Madera Sugar Pine Company, operators o f an intriguing logging railroad with geared locomotives (part o f which grade is operated over today by the Yosemite Mountain & Sugar Pine tourist rail toad) and logging flumes to bring lumber to market. 128 pages, 160 illustrations, maps , locomotive toster, 8'12 x11" sewn softbound with duotone cover. By H ank Johnston Trans-Anglo 217 (add $2 p /h) . ...... . ..... . ... . . . . . ... .. .. . 23 .95

Slim Rails Through the Sand
George Turner's classic book a bout the Carson & Co lorado , narrow-gauge stepchild o f t he fabled Virginia & Truckee Railtoad. Sold in 1900 to the Southern Pacific, the line turned imo an instant bonanza for the Espee following the discovery o f precious metals in Tonopah and Goldfield, Nevada. Soon e nough , though, the glory days were over for the line, and the nartow gauge soldiered on in the shadow o f the Sierra Nevada until 1960. 112 pages, 200 p hotos from all eras, maps, scale drawings, 8'12 x11" s oftbound with color cover. Trans-Anglo 240 (add $2 p /h) . .. . . ........ .......... . . . . . 19.95

Hetch Hetchy and Its D am Railroad
Until 1930, San Francisco's water was furnished by a private utility, a company which occasionally ran o ut o f water and charged high rates for the service. The inadequacy o f supply was b tought sttongly to The City's attention in 1906, when the Great Earthquake and Fire ravaged the business district and the homes o f 250 ,000 people. Problems existed with obtaining rights-of-way, water rights, and funding, and there was p lenty o f opposition from the private water utility and conservationists as w ellbut today , the City and County o f San Francisco owns and operates its own water and power system. The complete story o f this fascinating achievement is told, along with the building, operations, and equipment o f a marvelous rail toad which overcame the ptoblem o f getting men and materials into the rugged Sierra Nevada. A classic now back in print, by Ted Wurm. 298 pages, 456 illustrations, maps, motive power tosters, index. 8 'hx11" h ardbound with color dust jacket. Trans-Anglo 293 (add $2 p I h) . .. .... ............. . . .. ...... 54.95

Rails to the Minarets
The intriguing story o f the Sugar Pine Lumber Co. o f Fresno, California, a nd its Minarets & Western Rai lway, renowned for its ro le in Sierra Nevada logging history. I n addition, you'll see some o f the finest photographs ever raken o f Sierra logging, presented in large format style. Logging historian Hank Johnston 's text is joined by 180 illustrarions, including maps and drawings. 128 pages, 8 '12 x11 " h ardbound with new duotone dust jacket. Trans-Anglo 220 (add $2 p i h) . .......... . . ... .. . . . .. . ...... 29.95

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