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W inter 1983

Vol. 13, N o . 2

P ublishers: Nick Siegel, Sal Pizzoferrato Executive Editor: Robert Schleicher Associate Editors: Bill W right, Robert Hi ggins, Albin Burroughs, Amy O ' Donnell Production Editor: Holly Burke Subscription Editor: Margie Ly nch Typography: Typetronics, In c. Art Director: Edie Schneid er Model Railroading is publish ed f our-time s a year by Eastwood Publishing C ompany , 2901 Blake St. , De nv e r, C O 80205. Price per s ing le copy is $3 . 00 in U. S.A. , 53.75 in Canada. Subscriptions are 510.50 in t he U.S.A. or 513.50 in C anada. U nsolicited m anuscripts o r p h otographs s hould be acco mp anied by r eturn p ostage a nd Ea s tw ood Publishing C ompany a ssumes n o r espon sibility for t he loss or damage of s uch m aterial. ' 0 p art o f this publicati on may be rep rint ed w ith out w ritten permi ss ion from the publishers. Print ed i n U .S.A. The information c ontained in t he va riou s articles in thi s m agazine is p resented in good faith , b ut n o wa rrant y is given, no results g uaranteed, n or is a ny fr eedom from a ny p atent o r c opyright to be inferred. Since w e h ave n o co ntrol over the p h ysical conditi ons s urrounding the applicati on of information in this m agazine , Eastwood Publi shing C ompany a nd t he v arious a uth ors a nd e d it ors dis cl aim any liability fo r u ntoward r esu lts a nd lor for a ny p h ysical injury incurred by using the information h erein . C opyright 1982 by Eastwood Publishing Co .

t - - - - - - - - - - - - - --:::':::"=-=:::E=-=::"S:-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - C O N T ::-N T : 4 PROTOTYPE-PERFECT: T HE SIERRA RAILWAY A real ra il road that looks a nd o perates like a model 12 TRACK PL AN, THE N SCALE " MASTER M ODULE" A layo ut that links NTRAK m odules to operation at h ome 15 N SCALE TRACK P LANS F ROM H O PLANS The easy way to co nvert H O p lans to N scale 18 SPRAY-PAINTING'. "STAINLESS STEEL" FROM A C AN At la st, a simple a nd effective w ay to simulate steel 20 BUILD A SCENE-STEALER FENCE The trick way to s uggest a n e ndless h orizon 23 W OOD VS. PLASTICISCRATCHBUILDING PROJECT I I: THE FENCE Exploring the a dvantages of b oth m aterials w ith a s imple test 24 W OOD VERSUS PLASTIC: A W OOD FENCE Simulating w ood w ith w oo d; lession lIB in scratchbuilding 27 SCRATCHBUILDING P ROJECT I I: A PLASTIC FENCE Simulating w ood w ith Evergreen-brand plastic strips 31 F INISHING THE FENCE All-purpose w eathering t echniques 33 OPERATION: CARRIER/COMMAND-CONTROL TESTS REVISITED Another look at the " black box" s ystems a nd t heir use 37 DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP: S OUTHERN PACIFIC SD45 38 DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP: FRISCO G . E. U30B 41 LAYOUT TOUR: JACK RICE'S H O LAYOUT O N THREE SHELVES An aro und-th e-wa ll layo ut t hree shelves high 48 FREIGHT CARS OF T HE FIFTIES: 38-FOOT W OOD REEFERS The prototypes for the Life-Like (Varney) H O m odels 49 KIT-CONVERSION: SHAWMUT (& GWR) T RUSS ROD REEFERS Back-dating the Life-Like reefer to match the S hawmut car 57 DRY TRANSFER LETTERING MADE EASY It 's o nly easy if yo u kn ow ALL the tricks 58 I T'S A KIT: BUILDING THE B&O W AGONTOP BOX CAR Assembling C annonball's all-plastic H O scale kit 63 PERFORMANCE SECTION: 63 H OW WE TEST L OCOMOTIVES Exploring the limits of a dhesion 64 PERFORMANCE TEST REPORT NO. 30: HALLMARK H O VOlOOO 66 PERFORMANCE TEST R EPORT NO. 31: ATLAS H O FP7 68 PERFORMANCE TEST R EPORT NO. 32: P ROTO POWER WEST H O F7 70 BIG CAN POWER FOR A THEARN'S F7: P ERFORMANCE-IMPROVEMENT TEST N O. 23 77 SINGLE-TRUCK DIESEL POWER; A TEST I N TRACTIVE EFFORT: PERFORMANCE-IMPROVEMENT TEST N O . 24 66 N ORTH WEST S HORT LINE WHEELS F OR A THEARN DIESELS: P ERFORMANCE-IMPROVEMENT TEST N O. 25 85 DEALER DIRECTORY 91 LETTERS 98 NEW P RODUCTS


BASICS FOR BEGINNERS are articles that w e feel contain s ome o f the information that any beginner s hould k now w hen h e o r s he is buildin g that first or seco nd m odel railroad (there just may be a few things t hat t he " experts" c an learn a bout u p-to-date modeling m ethods , too) . NEW M ODELING T ECHNIQUES are actually tested met hod s of making o r impro ving mode ls . We ca ll t hem " new" becau se th ey probably w ill be new to m ost o f you. T hese a re t he a r ti cl es w e fe el a re best-suit ed to " intermediate-level" m od el railroaders. FOR EXPERIENCED M ODELERS arti cl es designed for those w ho ha ve d eve loped t heir skills in the hobby by successfu ll y assembling a nd p ainting severa l of t he " Craftsman" -type kit s. It is ass um ed that the modeler w ho follows t hese articles kn ows t he basics of the hobby: paintin g, decal- app li ca ti on, s imp le so ld ering, etc., etc . ... We h ope to make the hobby more interes ting a nd a whole lot less of a mystery for t he n ewcomer w ith t hese labe ls . We d o t he same th ing w hen w e s h ow EVERY s tep . Please, expert s, b e p at ient a nd re member w hat it was like when yo u were learning . ..




M odelers' tricks a re j ust what the name implie s; specia l techniques that make a particu lar a spect o f model building easie r. faster, less expensive, more realistic a nd (in ma ny cases) a combination of a ll four! T hese tri cks are applicable to ANY m odel t hat u ses s imilar m aterials a nd tha t is why we lable t hem as " modelers ' tricks". If, for exa mple, Goldberg 's " Super Jet" c ement w ork s well to a t ta ch a plastic smokestack to a roof, it (the 'trick' technique) w ill work equa ll y as w e ll to attach a plastic air ho rn to a plas tic diesel. The " TRICK" logo will help y ou to spo t helpfu l techniques even if t he particu lar project d oes n ot i nterest yo u at the moment. ON THE FRONT COVER: John Profitt was one of th e ear li est to a pply the techniques we n ow ca ll " Diesel Deta il Close-Up" to d uplicate real railroad locomotives. Hi s So uthern Pacific 5038-2 was assmbled from sections of Athearn bodies and d etailed with some of the parts shown on page 37 of this issue. His 5 038-2 (a nd an even-easier co nversio n) we re featured in articles in the Winter 1980 issue issu e. ON THE BACK COVE R: Jack Ric e bu ilt th e roundhouse on this HO scale la yo ut from sc ratch . It 's his layout design skill , however, not his scratchbuildi ng ex pertise, that is truly uniqu e. Jack's layout occupies a bookshelf-li ke s ta ck of three narrow (9 to 1S -in ch wi d e) shelves around the wa ll s of hi s layout room. His story beg in s on page 40.

MODEL RAILROADING (IS SN 0199 -1 914) is p ublished q u a rrerly at $10 .50 p e r y ear in U .S.A ., 513.50 in C anada by Eastwood P ublishing C o ., Inc. a t 2901 Blake St., D enver, CO 80205. 2nd Class p ostage p aid at D env e r, C O. P ostmaster s end a ddress c h anges to Eastwood Publi shing C ompany, 2901 Blake St. , Denver, Colora do 80205

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