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Spring 1983 - Page 3

S pring 1983

Vol. 13, N o.3

P ublishers: Nick Siegel, Sa l Pi zzoferrato Executive Editor: Robe rt Sc hleicher Associate Editors: Bill W righ t, Robe rt Hi ggins, Albin Burroughs, Amy O 'Do nn e ll P roduction Editor: Ho ll y Burke S ubscription Editor: Margie Lynch Typography : Typetronics, In c. Art Director: Ed ie Schneid er Model Railroading is publish ed fo ur-times a yea r by Ea s twood Publi shing Co mpan y, 29 01 Bl ake St. , Denve r, C O 80 205. Price per s ingle copy is 53.00 in U SA. , $3.75 in Canada. Subscriptions are $10.50 in the U.S.A. or $13 .50 in C anada. U n so li ci ted m anu sc ript s or p h o tog raphs should be acco mpanied b y re turn p o stage a nd Eas twood Publishing C ompa n y a s s ume s n o res ponsib ili ty fo r the loss or d amag e of such mate ri al. N o p art o f this p ubli ca ti on may be rep rinted w ithout w ritte n p erm ission from the publishers. P rinted in U .S .A. The in formatio n contain ed in the v ar ious articles in this magazine is presen ted in good faith , bu t no warra nty is give n, no results gua rant eed , n or is a ny freedom from any patent or copyrig ht to be in fe rred . Since w e ha ve n o control over the p h ysical co nd itions s urr o undin g th e a pp li ca tion of informatio n in th is magazi ne, Eastwood Publishing Company a nd t he variou s a uth ors a nd e d itors disclaim any liability for u nt owa rd res ul ts a nd lor for any p h ysical injury incurred by using th e in fo rmation h er ein . Copyrig ht 1983 by Eastwood Pu blishi ng Co.

C ONTENTS 4 S MOOTH-PERFORMANCE . .. A C AN M OTOR F OR A HM'S U .S.R.A . L IGHT 2 -8-2 Almost the performance of a brass i mport for less cost
7 D O FLYWHEELS REALLY I MPROVE M ODEL L OCOMOTIVE P ERFORMANCE? We try two more; on a di ese l a nd a s t eam loco m ot ive 9 S CRATCHBUILDING P ROJECT III: T HE R AILROAD ICE H OUSE Easier to build th an most crafts man kit s. 14 T HE T RICK WAY T O I NSTALL CAMPBELL'S S HINGLES A real b r ea kthrough in kit or scra tch-buildin g ease 16 LAYOUT T OUR I: D ON H OWETH'S L IONEL EMPIRE T he s tuff that d reams a re made of. a nd it r un s a nd r un s 21 LAYOUT T OUR II: ARDEN W INESDORF'S H O SCALE SIERRA A s hortline t hrough C a li fornia 's foothill s 26 A L ESSON IN M IRROR-IMAGE T RACK-PLANNING: T HE H O SCALE SIERRA II Including mod ules, Maste r M odu les a nd t he Tim esave r 30 T RACK-PLANNING F OR N SCALE O PERATION ( with H O scale plans) How to make th e ch anges n eed ed fo r N sca le track plans 34 DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP: B ALDWIN S -12 o n t he S ierra R ailroad 35 DIESEL DETAIL C LOSE-UP : E MD F45 o n t he S anta Fe 36 F REIGHT C ARS OF T HE FIFTIES: 40-FT. D OUBLE-DOOR BOX CARS Va riatio ns on McKean 's H O o r Kadee's N sca le mo de ls 38 M AKIN' HAY ( & s traw) Simple te chnique s for a sce nery s up er-d eta il 41 LAYOUT T OUR I II : M IKE M OORMANN 'S N SCALE TIMESA VER M ODULE N sca le th e way it s hould b e . in 16x48 in ches 48 SCALE-SIZE RAIL A ND FEWER DERAILMENTS I N N SCALE Appl ying th e break throu gh H O scale id ea to N s cale 54 P ERFORMANCE T EST R EPORT N O. 33: H allmark N s cale SD40-2 56 P ERFORMANCE T EST R EPORT N O. 34: M odel P ower H O


BASICS FOR B EGINNERS a re articles that we feel con tain so me of the informa ti on that any beg inner should k now w h en h e o r s he is buil ding that first or seco nd m ode l railroad (there just may be a few things that the " experts" can learn a bout u p- to-date modeling meth od s, too). NEW M ODELING T ECHNIQUES are actua ll y tes ted m ethod s of making or i mpr oving models. We ca ll t hem " n ew" b eca use they p robab ly wi ll be new to most of you. T h ese a re t he arti cl es w e feel are best-suited to " int erme diate -l evel" m odel railroad ers. FOR EXPERIENCED MODELERS arti cl es d esigned for those w ho h ave d e velope d th ei r skills in t he hobby by successfully a sse mbling a nd p aintin g seve ral of the " C rafts man "- type kit s. I t is ass um ed that the mode ler who fo ll ows t hese articles kn ows the ba sics of the hobby: pain ting, d eca l- ap plication, simple soldering, e tc. , etc .. We h ope to ma ke the hobby more int eresting a nd a w hole lot less of a mystery for t he n ewco mer w ith these labels. We d o th e sa me thing w hen w e s h ow EVERY s tep. Ple ase, experts, be pa tient a nd reme mber w ha t it w as like when YOll we re learning .


Mo delers' tricks are just what the n ame implies; special techniqu es t hat m ake a particu lar a s pect o f m odel b uilding easier, fa ste r, less expe nsive, more rea li s ti c a nd (in many ca ses) a combination of all four! T hese t ricks are applicable to ANY m odel t hat uses s imilar m aterials a nd th at is why we lable them as " m ode le rs' t ri ck s" . I f, for exa m ple, Goldberg 's "S up e r Jet" ceme nt works w e ll to attach a plastic smokestack to a roof, it (the ' trick' technique) w ill work equa ll y as we ll to attach a plastic ai r h orn to a plastic diese l. The " TRICK" logo w ill h elp you to s pot hel pful techniques even if t he particular proj ect d oes no t inte res t yo u a t the momen t.

R S-ll
58 60 61 67 72 75 P ERFORMANCE T EST R EPORT N O. 35: M antua H O 2-6-6-2 artic ulated M ANTUA'S H O SCALE A RTICULATED - A C LOSER L OOK This is w hat H O sca le m od elers have w ished for for 20- yea rs . T HE PERFECT P ROTOTYPE II: T HE S IERRA'S E QUIPMENT The c harm o f thi s shortline ex te nds to its engines a nd cars ATLAS POWER FOR T HE F40PH Installing " big can" p ower in a m od ern p asse ng er diesel KADEE C OUPLERS FOR T HE F40PH T he easy w ay to fit Kadees to Life-Like or Bac hmann e ngines BETTER WAYS T O B UILD T RAIN M INIATURES ( & A THEARN & M DC) K ITS A pplying s ome basic b uildin g w here y ou'd least expect it O NE STEP BEYOND . . . D ECALS A ND W EATHERING BASICS M aking c ustom -built m od els from TM, A thearn & M DC kits AIR B RUSH P AINTING: P REPARING B RASS FOR P AINT T he p aint will really stick if yo u start h er e. DEALER DIRECTORY LETTERS NEW L OCOMOTIVES, R OLLING S TOCK & A CCESSORIES

O N T HE F RONT A ND BACK C OVER: Mike Moormann 's N sca le la yo ut h as lesso ns we can a ll lea rn in te rm s o f c reating a credible scene . Hi s la yo ut is " o n tour" beginn ing on p age 41. T hat track plan, by th e wa y, is a modification of the pop ul ar " Ti mesaver" s w itching layo ut a nd the re are pa irs of the m in H O sca le (page 29) a nd N sca le (page 31) in this issue. Deta il ed a nd n ear ly sca lesize code 55 ra il is eas il y ava il a bl e for N scale o peratio n a nd t ha t, too, is in thi s issue beginnin g on page 48.

79 81 85 91 94

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