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S ummer 1983

Vol. 13, N o.4

P ublishers: N ick Siegel, Sa l Pi zzo fe rra to Executive Editor: Robert Sc hleicher Associate Editors: Bill Wright, Ro ber t Higgin s, Albin Burroughs, Amy O 'Do n ne ll P roduction Editor: Ho ll y Bu rke Subscription Editor: Ma rgie Ly nch Typography: Type tro nics, In c. Art Director: Edie Sc hn eide r Model Railroading is p ublished fo ur-tim es a yea r b y Ea stwood P.ublishi ng C om pa n y, 2901 Bl a ke St., De nve r, C O 802 05 . P ri ce p er s ingle copy is 53. 00 in U .S.A., 53 .75 in C anad a. Subscrip ti ons are S10. 50 in the U.S.A. o r $13.50 in C a na da. U nso li cited m anusc r ipts o r p h otog r ap hs should be acco mp anied b y retu rn pos tage a nd Eas twoo d Publishing C o mpan y assu mes n o r esp ons ibili ty for the lo ss or d ama ge of such ma te ri a l. N o p art o f thi s p ubli ca ti on may be rep rin ted with ou t w ri tten p er mission fro m the publishe rs. Printed in U.S.A . Th e in fo rmation contained in t he va ri ous a rticles in thi s magazine is presen ted in g ood fa ith, bu t no wa rra n ty is gi ven, no results g u ara nt eed, n or is any fr eedo m fr om a ny patent or co py ri g ht to be infer red. Since w e h ave n o control ov er the p h ysical co n d iti ons s urr o undin g th e application of in fo rmation in this m agaz ine, Eas t woo d Pub li shing C ompany a nd t h e v arious aut ho rs and e d it ors dis cl aim any liability for u n towa rd res ul ts a ndl or for a ny p hysica l injury incurred by u si n g t he informa ti on h e rein. Copy ri g ht 1983 by Eastwood Pub li s hin g Co.


C ONTENTS 4 PRINCIPLES OF T RACK P LANNING Why a n oval m ay b e b etter t han p oint -to-point 8 T WO LESSONS I N LAYOUTS: l . U nraveling the Master M odu le P lan 2. Scenic M odu le M.ethod (of creating life-lasting layouts) 14 LAYOUT T OUR I: G EORGE B OOTH'S H O EMPIRE REVISITED The d ow n-t he -wall with d isguised m odules p ortion of the pike 22 WEEDS, THE T .R . S MITH WAY Step-by-step a nd in full-color 24 THE C OLORADO & S OUTHERN: A n arrow g auge p rotot y pe for a s tandard g auge model railroad 28 CREA T ING A M ODERN N ARROW G AUGE " What if . .. t he Colorado & S outhern d id N OT m erg e w ith t he BN?" 30 P AINTING M ADE PERFECT: M ASKING T ECHNIQUES, Part I M aking two-colored models the fool-proof w ay 31 CREATE YOUR O WN M ODERN -ERA M OUNTAIN R AILROAD C ustom -made d ecals using o u t- of- th e pack p roducts 32 DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP: E MD GP40 as B urlington No. 3034 33 DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP: E MD GP40 a s Georgia Railroad No. 751 34 LAYOUT T OUR II: T.R. S MITH'S S PECTACULAR SCENERY in H On3 A m odel railroad b ased o n h ow -it-looks priorities 40 P AINTING PROFILES N O. 10: T he B URLINGTON (C&S) F reight Fleet Freight Car of the Fifties in fu ll c olor 45 THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, P art I II ( HO t hat l ook s like H On3) Buildi ng p assenger cars t hat h ave t h e c harm of narr ow ga uge 50 P ERFORMANCE SECTION: 50 P ERFORMANCE TEST REPORT N O. 36: H allmark C M 2-8-0 52 P ERFORMANCE TEST REPORT N O. 37: A thearn SD40-2 54 P ERFORMANCE TEST REPORT N O. 38: GSB SD40-2 56 C AN M OTOR P ERFORMANCE F ROM N SCALE STEAM ( Bachmann's 2-8 -0) More proof t hat N scale can r un as w e ll as H O 64 S CRATCHBUILDING P ROJECT IV: R AILROAD OUTHOUSES M atching p rototype p roportions w ith G randt d oor s & wi nd ows 69 B OARD-AND-BAT A ND C ORNER T RIM T ECHNIQUES The easy way to make w ood -sty le trim w ith plastic 72 THE TIME MACHINE: M ODELING SPECIFIC ERAS OF REAL RR H ISTORY H ow to make time s tand s till - an y time at a ll 79 M ODEL R AILROADING M AGAZINE INDEX A subject a nd a uthor i ndex of o ur first 13 issues 85 DEALER D IRECTORY 91 LETTERS 94 NEW P RODUCTS FOR XMAS 1983

BASICS F OR B EGINNERS are articles that w e fee l con tain s ome o f t he informa ti on that any b eginn er s hould kn ow w he n he o r s he is b uild ing that fir st or second model railroad (there just may be a few things tha t the " ex perts" ca n lea rn a bout u p-to-d ate m odeling methods, too) . NEW MODELING T ECHNIQUES a re actua ll y tes ted meth ods o f ma king or im proving models. We ca U t hem " n ew" beca use th ey proba bly w ill be n ew to mos t of vou . T hese a re the a rticles we fe el are best-suited to " int er med iate-level" m od el ra il roade rs. FOR EXPERIENCED M ODELERS articles designed for th ose w ho h ave d eve loped the ir skill s in the hobby by successfully a sse mbli ng a nd p ain tin g several of the " Cra ft sma n" -ty pe kit s. It is ass um ed that the modeler w ho follows t hese a rticles k nows t he ba sics of the hobb y: pain ting, deca l- a pp lica tion , simple soldering, e tc. , etc. . .. We hope to make th e hobby more in te res ting a nd a whole lot less of a mys tery fo r the n ew comer w ith these label s. We d o the same th ing when we sh ow EV ERY s tep. Please, experts, be pa ti en t a nd re mem ber wha t it w as like when you were learni ng.

Modelers' tricks are just what the n am e imp li es; special techniques that make a pa rticular as p ect o f m odel building easier, faster, less expensive, more rea li s ti c and (in ma ny case s) a co mbination of a ll fo u r! T hese t ricks are a pplicable to ANY model that uses s imilar m aterials a nd tha t is why we la bl e them as " mod elers' trick s" . If, for exa mpl e, Goldberg's " Super Jet" cement w ork s w e ll to attach a plastic smokes ta ck to a roof, it (the 'trick' techniqu e) w ill work equ a ll y as w e ll to attach a plas ti c air h orn to a plas ti c diesel. The " TR ICK" logo w ill h elp y o u to sp ot h elpf ul techniqu es even if the particu lar proj ect d oes n ot i nterest you at the moment. O N T HE C OVER: T h e Bur lin g to n N ort he rn absorbed the Colorad o & So uth ern in a p r ocess that s tarted with the creation of t he BN back in 197 1. W e've calJed an imagi nary halt to th at m er ger an d created o ur v ersion o f the C olorado & So uth ern as its o wn e ntity. Wh y? To make a p rototype that op erat es o n n arrow ga u ge m o un ta in ri ght-of-way, b u t with sta nd ard gau ge equ ipment. The re ason s a nd b en ef its of such a p rototy pe choice a pp ear i n more than h al f of th is iss u e's a rticles. BACK CO VER: T.R. Smith is e nough o f a n expert at making mod el railroad scenery tha t he inspi red dozens of modelers in h is o w n tow n a s well as across the co un try t hroug h his N MR A s ce nelYbuilding clinics . This is h is o w n H On 3 layo ut.

MODEL RAILROADING (lSSN 0199 -1 914) is p u blis hed qua rte rl y at 510.50 p er y ear in U.S.A ., 513.50 in Ca nad a by Eastwoo d Pub li shing C o., In c. a t 2901 Bl ake s t. , De nver, CO 80 205. 2nd C lass p ostage p a id a t D enver, C O. Postmaster se nd a ddr ess chan ges to East woo d Publi shing Co m pa ny, 2901 Bla ke St ., Denve r, Colorado 80 205

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