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N OW, B I-MONTHLY N ovember/ December 1983

V ol. 1 4, N o.1

P ublishers: N ick Siegel, Sa l Pizzoferrato Executive Editor: Robert Schleicher Associate Editors: Bill Wright, Robert Hi ggin s, Albin Burroughs, Amy O ' Donnell, Jim Cassidy, Steve Smith P roduction Editor: Ho ll y Burke Subscription Editor: Margie Lynch Typograph y: Typetronics, In c. Art Director: Marianne Searby Model Railroading is published six-tim es a y ear by Eas twood Publishing Co., 2901 Blake St., Denver, C O 80205. Price per single copy is $3.00 in the U.S.A. Subscriptions are $16. 00 in the U.S.A. or 520.50 in C anada (or f oreign)payable in U .S. fund s. Unsolicited m anuscripts o r photographs should be accom panied by re turn postage a nd Eastwood Publishing C ompan y ass um es n o respo nsibility for t he loss or d amage o f s uch material. No part o f this publication may be reprinted witho ut w ritten permission fr om th e publishers. Printed in U.S . A. The information contained in the various articles in t hi s ma gazine is p resented in good faith, b ut n o w ar ra nty is give n, no res ults guaranteed , nor is a ny fr ee dom from any patent or cop yrig ht to be inferred. Since we have no control o ver the p h ysica l conditions s urro undin g the application of information in this magazin e, Eas twood Publi shing Company a nd t he various a uthor s and editors disclaim any liability for u ntoward r esults a nd /or for a ny p h ysical injury incurred by using the information herein. C opyright 1984 by Eastwood Publi shing Co.

C ONTENTS LETTERS Your c hance to edit a m odel railroad magazine 5 PERFORMANCE SECTION: 5 SHAY SPECTACULAR: ASSEMBLY TIPS FOR M Oe'S H O KIT O ne of the easiest kits to build , b ut the m ost c omplex 6 P ERFORMANCE TEST REPORT N O . 39: M DC(Roundhouse)HO B-2 SHAY After 3D-years cif h oping, a n in ex pensi ve S hay kit 8 SHAY SPECTACULAR: A C AN M OTOR F OR M Oe'S SHAY P erformance-improvement t hat a lmost snaps-in 10 PERFORMANCE TEST REPORT NO . 40: KEY IMPORTS N SCALE ATSF 2-8-2 The fir st-ever HO-style brass steamer in N scale 2-8-2 12 PERFORMANCE TEST REPORT NO. 41: SUNSET W.P. HO 2-8 -0 14 PERFORMANCE TEST REPORT (UPDATE) NO. 42: ATHEARN S040-2 DIESEL We find an all-too-typical fault a nd fix it. . . 16 BOBBER CABOOSES O N T HE MARYLAND & P ENNSYLVANIA T he p rototypes ( with m od eling tips) of the Ma & P a's 4 -wheelers 17 B REAKTHROUGH I N T REE-MODELING REALISM: D EAD LIMBS H ow to create t runks in a ny s ize with truly d ead b ranches 20 " MAGIC" PLAN: M AINLINE O PERATION, W ITH H O SCALE, I N 9x8-FEET More model railroading in less s pace t han y o u' ve e ver s een 25 DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP: E MD S D9 as S outhern Pacific No. 4365 26 DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP: E MD N W2 as M aryland & P ennsylvania N o. 81 27 H OW -TO MAKE A TRACK P LAN A REALITY T he p rocedur es to bring plans from p aper to b ench w ork a nd beyo nd 31 BUILD O UR T RACK P LANS I N ANY SCALE Every track plan w e p ublish can be u sed in a ny scale; here 's how 33 LAYOUT TOUR: D OUG I VERSON'S H O SCALE MARYLAND & PENNSYLVANIA T hree l evels of la yo ut to duplicate e ve ry s iding o n t he Ma & Pa 41 H OW-TO WEATHER S TRUCTURES ( in full color) Techniques to make a ny kit or scratch-built model realistic 43 S CRATCHBUILDING P ROJECT VI: B UNK HOUSES A ND " SNAP-OUT" W INDOWS Building buildings can be as easy as breaking a toothpick 48 P AINTING PROFILES N O. 11: THE S ANTA FE (AT&SF) COVERED HOPPER FLEET Freight Cars of t he Fifties t hat a re still in use toda y 52 KIT C ONVERSION: 47-FOOT COVERED HOPPER I N H O SCALE T he simple w ay to build s omething yo u cannot b u y 56 KIT C ONVERSION: 34-FOOT COVERED H OPPER I N N SCALE A just-as- simp le w ay to build s omething else you cannot b u y 58 THE WHOLE T RAIN, P ART II: O PEN PLATFORM B AGGAGE CARS M aking s tandard g uag e t hat looks like n arrow ga uge 62 KADEE COUPLERS & E ND D ETAILS FOR M DC P ASSENGER CARS A dding c ouplers a nd m ore realistic platforms 65 DEALER D IRECTORY 71 NEW L OCOMOTIVES 72 NEW R OLLING S TOCK 74 NEW ACCESSORIES 4

BASICS FOR BEGINNERS a re articles that we fe el co ntain some o f t he informati on that any beginner should kn ow w hen h e o r s he is building that first or second model railroad (there just may be a few things that the " expe rt s" can lea rn a bo ut u p -to-da te modelin g methods, too) . NEW M ODELING TECHNIQUES are actua ll y tested method s of making or improving models. We ca ll them " new" b ecause th ey probably w ill be new to mos t of you . These are th e articles we feel are best-suited to " intermed iate -l evel" m odel rai lroaders. FOR EXPERIENCED MODELERS articles designed for those w ho have develope d their skills in the hobby by successfully assembling a nd painting several of the " Craf tsma n" -type kits. I t is a ss um ed that the modeler w ho follows these articles k nows t he basics of the hobby: painting, deca l- app li cation, simple sol dering, etc. , etc. . .. We h ope to make the hobby more interesting a nd a w hole lot less of a mystery for t he n ewcomer wi th these labels. We d o t he same thing w hen we sh ow EVERY s tep. Pl ease, experts, be patient a nd r emember w hat it w as like when you w ere learning.

Modelers' tricks are just wh at t he n am e implies; specia l techniques that m ake a particular aspect of model building easier, faster, less expensive, more rea li stic a nd (in m any cases) a combination of all four! These tricks are applicable to ANY m odel that uses s imilar m aterials a nd t hat is why we lable them as " modelers' tricks". If, for exa mple, Goldberg' s " S up er Jet" c ement w orks well to a ttach a plastic smokestack to a roof, it (the 'trick' tec hnique ) w ill work equa lly as we ll to a t tach a plastic air h orn to a pla stic diese l. T he " TRICK" logo w ill help you to s po t helpful techniqu es e ven if t he particular project d oes n ot interest you a t the moment. O N THE COVER: D oug Iverson has, almost literally, recreated the Maryland & P enns ylva nia Railroad in H O scale. His ra il road is loca ted o n t hree shelves, stacked one above the other like a giant bookcase. This scene, on the u pp er level, catches a pair of hi s SW /NW diesels moving a s ho rt freig ht through the ess cur ve between W inters Run and Fa ll ston . Th e story o f this remarkable mini at ur e begins o n p age 33. A " Diesel Deta il C lose-Up" feat urin g t he Ma & Pa ' s u nique l ocomo tives appears in this issue, too. BACK COVER: D oug Iverson's Ma & Pa, agai n . The view sh ows t he " no rth" e nd of the Baltimore ya rd . We h ave a " Prototype Close-Up: . . . " o n the real rail road's little 4-wheeled " bo bb er" c abooses in this issue .

MO DEL RA ILROADING (ISS N 0199-1914) is p ublished six-times a year at 516.00 p er yea r in U.S.A. , 520.50 in C anada b y Eas twood Publishing Co ., In c. a t 2901 Blake St. , Denver, C O 80205. 2 nd Class pos tage paid at Denver, CO. Postmaster send a ddress chan ges to Ea stwood Publishing C ompa ny, 2901 Blake St., Denver, Colorad o 80 205

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