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The heyday o f t he heavy consolidations was i n the twenties, a bout the vintage o f t his p hotograph o n t he Southern Pacific. Those were the days w hen trains were d ouble o r t riple-headed t o b oost t hem o ver t he grades. This p articular f reight appears t o b e p ulled b y o ne o f t he SP's u nique 4-8-0 e ngines (the s econd l ocomotive is a ctually n umber 2957). From the appearance o f t he train, i t w ould s eem t hat the heavy c onsolidation n umber 2839 ( the l ead l ocomotive) is h elping t o p ull t he train o ver o ne o f the passes i n O regon's m ountains. A s econd heavy consolidation is p ushing the train; i t has been c oupled i nto t he t rain j ust a head o f t he caboose (to a void c rushing the w ooden frame o f the caboose). Both consolidations w ill l ikely be c ut-out o f t he train a t t he crest o f t he h ill unless, o f c ourse, the downgrade is so steep that t heir a dditional a ir compressors a nd a ir tanks are n eeded t o p rovide t he b raking p ower f or t he d ownhill r un. I t's t he c utting-in a nd o ut o f h elper l ocomotives t hat makes the steam era (and the f irst g eneration d iesel era) s o p opular w ith m any m odelers .

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f~erej$T1o date o n thi~plrotq,b.ut we'~ have' t,o g./'Jess it.t~i:Iate-?f),IiJ.!~r-tPan th~ .t hitties b ecay,'e " _ there I S o nly o ne steel car I n the tra/~a g #t!rvlce g ondola, !f!mllifrl1} 'p,e UI"ch I Walthe~s':1.0 ~'C;ale a ll-metal m ode,/(. A lso, the c aooose I S o n . wqad!!,.n styles (sftTlilllrl.o K~ee's N,scale"l1lodel). I t a ppears ~ that the train m ar be o"~ t if{ f irst tOJ ri}i!f:t hf!~~vl#d.fill (embank~,!/)'.I(ja! :uJ~es a roupd m e o ld w ?oa .o p:1!. trestle that has l ust bee~e v ed (101ft l iE'S ~vi'$16Ie l ust a bove the 10coJ1l$lfJ;e-'s s lacr a nd s.allc/.. d ome). H () , m odelers w ill f ind Train ancl;SfI e rlStrea.klWaRhelfS k its to be a m atch f or m ost d llbe bo.x cars (Kadee ha s"i scale versions). The " heav'!" S outhern /1.acific-style"2-8-0s are o'fer~by M odel D ie Casting ( iiI, HC} scale) a na Tyco//t4ap(ua has a reasonable replica o f t he 4-8-0. ! he mJm6er 9 2i-l10SlVer Stre.aIffW.altjler~ Hq !1!a /e caboose k it is very 'similar t o tl1~ Sou,t hern P acific's cabooses that lasted f rom t he f;rst decade o f t he century.inl9,. thsJi'ti e~.s therD Pacific'~ ( and,.fnr t hill m atter, ~he ,Union P acific's) t il'e din.this issue a nd i n t he SU'l'mer-1982 issue. P hoto c . . O regon o peration; were a western lmoJ/ntain v~r~~n o Mhe'eastern SHa . .


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