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Winter 1980

Vol. 10, No.2.

Publishers Nick Siegel Sal Pizzoferrato E xecutive Editor: Robert Schleicher Associate Editors: Bill Wright Albin Burroughs Managing Editor: Joe K. LeFor t Art Director: Michael Minnix Charles Heperrle

'4 9 AN AROUND-THE-WALL LAYOUT Y ou couldn't ask for a better model railroad than this one BUILD THE "DASH-2" DIESEL WITH 6-CUTS The "cheater's" way to make a modern diesel in minutes KADEE COUPLERS FOR ATHEARN DIESELS How to fit the magnetic-action couplers to your locomotives

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Assistant Art Director: Cricket Smith Production Editor: Vickie Petersen Typography: Type-Tronics, Inc.
Model Railroading is published four-times a year by Eastwood Publishing CoIl1pany, 2901
copy is $2.50, $3.00 in Canada. Subscriptions are $9.00 in the U.S.or Canada. Unsolicited manuscripts or photographs should be accompanied by return postage and Eastwood Publishing Company assumes n o responsibility for the loss o r damage o f such material.No part of this publication may be reprinted without written permission from the publishers. This publication is purchased with the understanding that the information presented is from many sources from which there can be no warranty or responsibility by the publisher as to the accuracy or originality or safety or completeness. Printed in U.S.A. Copyright 1979 by Eastwood Publishing Company Blake St.,

As perfect a model as you could wish for THE PERFECT PLAN, SOUTHERN STYLE T he tricks to squeeze more realism into less s pace

THE TWO-MINUTE TREE .Make those ready-made trees look like real ones IT'S A KIT: CUSTOM-BUILD A FACTORY with the parts from just one craftsman-style kit

Denver, CO 80205. P rice per sing NTRAK LAYOUTS AT HOME T emplate-planning for portable home layouts PORT ABLE MODEL RAILROADING T wo-dozen "home" layouts combined into a club-size empire

BUILD A VANDAL-PROOF AUTO CARRIER Modemize a modem automobile carrier TWO MEN'S MOPAC MODELS How to create one-off models with just paint and decals TRUCKS FROM THE FORTIES I t's details like these that create true " period" scenes THE CAMELBACKS If you think they're beautiful you must be a steam fan BUILD AN OUTSIDE-BRACED AUTOMOBILE BOX CAR T he ultimate challenge for the kit-customizer . DIESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP How to identify (and position) all those special detail parts TRAIN SET BUYER'S GUIDE A selection of 40-plus examples of bargain-priced models LEND US A HAND! Your chance to become a model railroad magazine editor NEW LOCOMOTIVES NEW ROLLING STOCK NEW ACCESSORIES

are artides that we feel contain some of the

information that any beginr:er should know when he or she is building that first or second model railroad (there just may be a few things that the "experts" can learn about up-to-date . modeling methods ,


are actually tested methods of making or

improving models.We call them "new" because they probably will be new to most of you.These are the articles we feel are best-suited to "intermediate-level" model railroaders.


articles are designed for those who have developed their skills il1.-the hobby by successfully assembling and painting several of the "Craftsman" -type kits. It is assumed that the modeler who follows these articles knows the basics of the hobby: painting, decal-application, simple soldering , etc. ... We hope to make the hobby more interesting and a wtt.ole for the newcomer with these labels. We do the same thing when we show EVERY step. Please, experts, be patient and remember


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