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Summer 1980

Vol. 10, No.4

Publishers Nick Siegel Sal Pizzoferrato Executive Editor: Robert Schleicher Associate Editors: Bill Wright Albin Burroughs Managing Editor: Joe K. LeFort Art Director: Michael Minnix
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Charles Heperrle

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a re a rticles that we feel contain some of the information that any beginner s hould know when he or she is building tha t first or second model railroa d (there just may be a few things that the "experts" can learn about up-to-date modeling methods, too).


a re actually tested methods of making or i mproving models. We call them "new" because they probably will be new to most of you. These are the articles we feel are best-suited to "intermediate-level" model railroaders.

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a rticles are designed for those who have developed their skills in the hobby by s uccessfully assembling and painting several of the "Craftsman" - type kits. It is assumed that the modeler who follows these articles knows the basics of the hobby: painting, decal-application, simple soldering, etc., etc. . . . We hope to make the hobby more interesting and a whole lot less of a mystery for the newcomer with these labels. We do the same thing when we show EVERY step. Please, experts, be patient and remember what it was like when you were learning . .

O N THE COVER: A s cene in the Rock

Island engine terminal area of Leonard Frere's HO scale model railroad . The locomotives are all repainted inexpensive plastic models. BACK COVER: The mining complex on Paul Kepner's around-the-wall style HO scale model railroad.

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MODEL RAILROADING (I S SN 0199-1914) is published quarterly at $9.00 per year by

We're trying (honestly!), but mistakes do creep in and we want you to know so you can correct your ba ck issues. The previous issue of M ODEL RAILROADING (Great World of Model Railroading appeared in some areas with a "Winter 1979" cover date and a heading "Volume 10, Numberl" - both are incorrect; it was the Spring 1980 issue and Volume 10, Num ber 3. That mo st-interesting photo on the back cover was an Interail N scale modular layout built by Paul Ingraham. It's a sugar plantation layout on the Pacific island of Yap; hen ce, the presence of both Eu ropean and British-prototype cars and the strange lettering on the locomotive. The U30B and U30C diesel photos on page 37 were transposed (the U30B h a s 8-wheels). The title of the a rticle on British-prototype railroad modeling came (of course) from the televis ion program "Monty Pyth on's Flying Circus". The Boston and Maine photographs and the photo on page 89 are from th e collection of H a rold K. Vollrath. Sorry .


RECREATING THE ROCK C ustom-building one-off models with paint & decals TRAILER-ON-FLAT CARS: Part I, THE EARLY YEARS A b rief history of truck and train cooperation IT'S A KIT A ssembly tips for the Ulrich/Walthers piggyback flats SANTA FE SHORTLINE RAILWAY TRACK PLAN T h e credible way to a da pt a mainline to 4x8-feet SD40 VS. SD40-2; THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR SIX-MOTOR DIESELS S potting the differences between real diesels DIESEL DETAIL, AHM'S NEW S D40 A dding details and p aint, step-by-step D IESEL DETAIL CLOSE-UP T h e Union Pacific GP9 a nd S a nta Fe' s SD35 LAYOUT TOUR: GUY HALVORSON'S 2x6-FOOT NTRAK MODULE A nicely-detailed N scale logging branch on a shelf NTRAK'S PORTABLE EMPIRES U sing NTRAK "club" modules for home layouts KADEE COUPLERS FOR LIFE-LIKE CARS Upgrading inexpensive rolling stock LAYOUT TOUR II: PAUL KEPNER'S AROUND-THE-WALL RAILROAD An HO scale shelf-style railroad BUILD A D ISPLAY LAYOUT Simple scenery for an a l most-instant diorama THE RAILROAD HOTEL H ow-to build one of the most common railroad structures A SHORT-COURS E IN SOLDERING The t ricks that make soldering simple LEND US A HAND! Your chance to become a model railroad magazine editor BACK ISSUE INDEX W hat you (almost) missed CHRISTMAS IN THE SPRINGTIME - A PREVIEW OF 1980 T he products you'll see o n s ale about Christmas time 1980 MODEL RAILROADING MAGAZINE'S DEALER DIRECTORY W here-to-buy the products you s ee on these pages NEW ROLLING STOCK & ACCESSORIES NEW LOCOMOTIVES

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