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P ublishers Nick Siegel Sal Pizzoferrato Executive Editor: Robert Schleicher Associate Editors: Bill W right Albin Burroughs Charles Heperrle Managing Editor: Joe K. LeFort Art Director: Michael Minnix Assistant Art Director: Cricket S mith P roduction Editor: Vickie Petersen Typography: Type-Tronics, Inc.
Model Railroading is p ubli s hed four-times a y ear by Eastwood P ublishing C ompany, 2901 Blake St., D enver, C O 80205. Price p er si ngle copy is $2.50, $3.00 in Ca nada. SubSCri ption s a re $9.00 in t he U .S . o r C anada . Unsoljcited man uscripts o r p h otogra p h s sh ould be accom panied by r eturn p o stage a nd E astwood P ublis hin g C ompany a ssumes n o r esponsibility for the loss o r d amage o f s uch material. N o p art of this publica tion ma y be r eprinted w ithout w ritten p ermi ssion from the publishers. This publication is p urch ase d w ith t he u nder s tanrung t hat t he i nformation p re sen ted is from m any s ources from which t here can be no w arranty o r r esponsibility by the p ublisher a s to t he acc uracy o r o rigina li ty o r s afety o r c ompleteness . P rin ted i n U .S.A. C opyright 1979 by E astwood P ublishing C ompany

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B ASICS FOR B EGINNERS a re a r tid es t hat w e fe el c ontain s ome of t he i nf ormation t hat a ny beg inn er s hould k now w hen h e o rshe is b uilrung t hat first or seco nd model railroad (there j u st m ay be a few t hi ngs t hatthe " exper t s" ca n learn a bo ut u p-to- date mod eli ng methods , too). NEW M ODELING T ECHNIQUES a re actually t ested m ethod s of m akin g or improvi ng models . We call t h em " new" b ecause they probably will be n ew to m os t of you. These are t he articles we fee l are best-suited to " intermediate-l eve l" m ode l railroaders. FOR EXPERIENCED MODELERS a r tides are d esigned for tho se w ho h ave d eveloped their s k ill s i n t he h obb y by s ucce ssfully a ssembling a nd p aifil ting s evera l of t he " Craftsman" - type kits. I t is a ssumed t hat t he modeler w ho follows these articles k nows t he basics of the hobby: pa in ting, d e ca l-applicati on, s imple s o ldering, etc., etc. .. We h ope to m ake t he h obb y mo re interesting a nd a w hole lot le ss of a mys tery for the n ewcomer w ith t he se labe ls . We do t he s ame thing w hen we s how EVERY s te p. Please, e xperts, be p atient a nd r emember w hat it w as like w hen y ou w ere l earning . .

N ARROW G AUGE O N T HE F RONT R ANGE C olorado' s m ountain r ailroads o n a t wo-foot s helf A F REIGHT H OUSE ( AND T WO "FREEBIES") I N H O SCALE H ow to make t he c ommon k its i nto s omethin g special S TEAM POWER O N T HE T ONAPAH R ailroads d esigned w ith t he m odeler in m ind DOUBLE-POWER DIESELS T op-notch p ower f rom Tyco's " toy" l ocomotives T HE T RAIN O F T OMORROW A s nap-together m odel o f a n i ncredible train BUILD A D OME-OBSERVATION C AR H ow-to b uild a fitting e nd to a streamliner SIMPLE S TRIPING F OR C ARS & L OCOMOTIVES T wo-color p aint s chemes a nd decaJ stripes th e easy way T RACKPLAN: T HE R OMFORD & J OLIET R AILROAD Real railro ading o peration i n j u st 4 x8 f eet C ONTAINER C ARS S ome a uth entic pieces o f r olling stock from t he s team era K IT-CONVERSION: BUILD T WO C ONTAINER C ARS Us in g kits a nd r eady-builts to m ak e o ne-off replicas M ODULAR M ODEL R AILROADS F OR N SCALE A n ew s ystem o f c ardboard-plannin g t emplates for N-TRAK S TRUCTURES AS SCENERY Th e theate r's c oncept o f "fla ts" a pplied to m iniature s PORTABLE M ODEL R AILROADING I N O n3 T he m odular c oncept o f " shelf" railroads really works H OW-TO H AND -LAY YOUR O WN T URNOUTS T he r ight way to m ake p rototype-p erfec t track w ork DIESEL D ETAIL C LOSE-UP W here to p ut t hose H O scale d ie se l detail c astings N SCALE STEAM C ONVERSIONS Using w hat y ou h ave .to m ake w hat y ou c an't g et THE P OPULATION E XPLOSION U sing scale m ode l p eople t o a dd life to a l ayout SUBSCRIBE! YOl(r first chance to b uy collectors i tem s by mail GIVE US A H AND! O ur ple a for YOUR h elp in g e tting it right N EW ACCESSORI~S NEW R OLLING S TOCK NEW L OCOMOTIVES

I t s eems t hat w e go t a few t hings w rong in t he S pring 1979 issue: T he old a ddress for Live Stream m agazine a ppeared last y ear; their n ew a ddre ss is P .O. Box 581, D ept. GW, T raver se City, MI 49684 a nd t h e correct a nnual s ubscr iption ra te is $16.00 in t he U nited S tates. T he m odels for the Aleo RSC-3 ruesels a re t he b rainchildren o f o ne Lee Riley. The fantastic w ater-front scene o n p ages 28 a nd 29 o f t he W inter 1978 i ssue was t he w ork o f Kevin Barnett.

MODEL RAILROADING is publish~d q uarterly a t $9. 00 p er y ear b y E astwood P ublishing C o., Inc. a t 2901 B lake S t., D enver, C O 80205. A pplication to m ail a t c ontrolled c irculation p ostage r ate is p ending a t D enver, C O. P ostmaster s end a ddress c hanges to Eastwo od P ublishing C ompany, 2901 B lake S t., D enver, C olorado 80205.

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