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T he track su b-base, usually %" or thicker wood, is coated with wh ite glue to accept the track's Homosote base boards.

, % '-thick Homosote (a cardboard-l ike wall board) is cut one-inch wider than the track's ties, then beveled on each top edge.

The Homosote can be held i n place by nai ls driven part way i n. When g l ue dries, remove the nails to keep nQise to a minimum.

The top of the Homosote must be sanded perfectly flat, to offset sl ight differences in th ick ness, before track is positioned.

A l i ne i s drawn to represent t h e centerl i ne of the track. The track is then spiked in place using HO spikes; needlenose pliers. 28/ 1 001 Model Railroading I deas

A metal stra ightedge is best to be sure flex-track is straight. Use a tramel , p ivoted at radius' center, to check a l l cu rves.

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