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usually so filthy you could barely read the markings. A bit of weathering will make these kits look just fine and some of the markings appear to be a bit more accurate than older decals, The Ye Olde Huff 'n Puff kits are available to your dealer. They also offer the kits undecorated if you want to apply the markings shown in this issue.


Boston and Maine combines and milk cars in HO scale from Funaro and Camerlengo kits, by John Nehrich, December 1991.

Some of the General American Pfaudler wood milk tank cars were sold rather than being rebuilt in steel in the thirties. Apparently, five of the (CMWX 101-105) went to Commodities Car Company for use in transporting Chateau Martin wine from both New York and California wineries. This car was photographed at the San Martin, California winery in July 1953. Note that the hatch above the door for the milk hose has been covered with sheet metal. Walthers has HO scale 934-1422 and o s cale 936-1422 decals for this car but they lack the black shadow lines. -Photo courtesy J. Emmons Lancaster from the collection of AI Chione.

Private-owner milk cars from Funaro and

Camerlengo kits and brass imports, by John Nehrich, January 1993.
I nterMountain all-steel Pfaudler milk tank cars, September 2005.

The H.P. Hood Creamery at New Junction, Maine, plans and prototype photos, March


C reamery (built of fire brick) and grain

elevator at Grand Isle, Vermont, plans and prototype photos, December 1990 and September 1991.
Creamery (built of wood) at Grand Isle, Vermont, plans and prototype photos, March 1991.

H.P. Hood (ex-Turner) creamery at U nity,

Maine, plans and prototype photos, April 1998.

The Bowman Dairy in Janesville, Wisconsin had at least 49 of these 40-foot cars (BOWX101-149) in at least three different paint schemes. Walthers has a decal set number 934-1109 (HO) and 936-1109 (0) scale. Bowman apparently just left the cars parked at their loading dock for milk storage (that's a typical dairy in the background). Good detail shots of the ends and lower sills on these typical steel underframe 40-foot wood milk tank cars. -Photo by R. Porter, courtesy C&NW Historical Society

Turner Creamery at Richmond, Maine,

plans and prototype photo, September 1998.
Walthers creamery complex, by Bill Wright, August 2005. =

G rand Isle Creamery from InterMountain kits, September 2005.

M ilk car operations at Hoboken, New Jersey a n d Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 1990. M ilk train operations in the Northeast by John Nehrich, November and December 1991 and January 1993. A n overview of the milk train operations in the east and Midwest, August 2005.


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