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4. ConCor's $2.75 switch machine has adequate power for use in controlling N, HO, or 0 scale track switches. The round coil is energized by a quick burst of 16 volt A .C. electrical current to mo ve the plunger inside which, in turn, flips the spring-loaded arm at the right for po sitive throw of the switch's points. The hairpin spring is used in the linkage between the switch machine and the track switch to compensate for any variation in the amount of required throw.

5. The major advantage to using switch machines (besides the fact that they provide the means for remote electrical control o f the track switches) is that they can be mo unted completely out of sight beneath the layout. For this type of upside down mounting the corner of the ConCor machine should be clipped awa y with diagonal cutters.

t ies are often spaced a bit further a p art than they should be. The problem with using hand-laid ties a n d rail or the Lambert-brand pre-fabricated track is that there is no provision whatsoever for a c tuating the track's switches; either manually or for remo t e con trolled electrical operation. The black plastic boxes b eside the Atlas, Tyco , AHM, a n d TruScale brands of ready-to-Iay track perform the same function as the ConCor u nit shown in t he photos; both are called "switch machines" b ecause they are the machines that actuate the track switches. Units similar to the ConCor switch machine are available from La mbert , TruScale, Balboa, Walthers, a n d PFM . They range in p rice from $ 2.00 to $ 3 . 00 a n d all include (or have o ptional ) e lectrical contacts that are moved with the track switch move ment for o p erating signals or to be connected to the rails so the c o ntacts, rather the points of the track switch, carry the electrical current to the rails beyond the track switch. You can purchase the switch machines for the A tlas, A H M , TruScale, or Tyco switches for considerably less m o n ey but t he machines themselves d on't have the power or reliability of the $3.00 i tems and they lack the separate

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