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13. & 14. Clamp the bottom half of the link to align with the top half's arm and then position the switch machine so it will align with the arm when the machine's spring-loaded bel/crank and the track switch's points are thrown in the same direction. Mark the location of the switch machine by pricking holes into the bottom side of the table through the

machine's mounting holes. You can leave the icepick or awl punch in place in the final hole to hold the machine while you in sert its attaching woodscrews.

f rom Ear l a t Elizabetht own, Pennsyl vania 1 702 2 . S end a stamped, self a ddressed envelope for his latest cata log and price list . The Eshleman and Kemtron turnout links are available in a variety of sizes to match t h e thick ness of the baseboard beneath your track; m o st sizes sell for a dollar or

m ore. The photos and captions des cribe the installation of the ConCor switch machine and the Eshleman link age but the procedure a nd general steps would be the same for any of the brands listed. The wires that lead fro m t h e switch machine should connect t o t h e 1 6 volt A.C . posts o n a n y standard

model railroad power pack and to a pair of Kadee or similar doorbell-type pushbuttons a t y ou r control panel. The o nly advantage to using the Kadee pushbuttons is that they are about the smallest you can buy so t hey can be worked right into a track plan and switch diagram o n the control panel

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